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Nov 22, 2009

Beyoncé is releasing a new album next year. Why you mad?

So Beyoncé announced in Nottingham that she'll probably return with a new album in 2010. And also Darkchild hinted that he got some "Beyoncé to do".

So now browsing through different blogs, comment sections and boards make me laugh.

I think she just wants to stay relevent, she is probably scares she doesnt have anough star power like Britney. [...] Anyway I can’t wait to see Britney and Xtina to shut her down.

I think she’s making a wise move in terms of her career because pop stars today are so disposable, and if she takes a minute off somebody could easily come and take her place.

NOOO!!!! my worst nightmare!!! she’s releasing another crappy album! She NEEDS TO GO AWAYYYYYY!!! OMG this is some greedyyyy asss woman.. seriously! what is so good about her? her only decent album was B’Day and Crazy In Love.. But she is really gettin on my nerves. WE GET IT. U like the exposure. y does she feel the need to be in our faces 24/7! I like the fact that Britney does the same in a better way! she releases her shit and goes away shes not in EVERY fucking TV show promoting and blah blah and still manages to do well! this bitch needs to be everywhere to do well! YES OR NO???

I love me some Bee but she seriously needs to take a break so people can actually miss her.
I'm getting tired of seeing her everywhere...

I’m excited for another album so soon, but still Beyonce needs time for herself too. Enjoy your husband and start a family or enjoy just being a wife. Then come back after living life a little.

I probably could go on for ours but you get the idea of them haters.

So let me get this straight: People say she's overexposed and needs to go have some babies because Jay-Z is old. Aha.

First advice: Don't click on every blog post, thread or youtube video that says Beyonce.

Second advice: Don't type her name in google to compare her results to your favorite artist.

Third advice: Come out the closet and stop denying you listening to her on your iPod non stop.

If you followed these you may notice that you won't see her all the time! Surprise, surprise.

I expect Beyoncé to release her 4th solo album in late 2010 which would be two years after "I Am...Sasha Fierce".

So let's come to the "go have some babies" thing that Misscarried Baby introduced to the world. First of all Beyoncé doesn't need to do anything just because you say so. Secondly, why would a woman who is in her best years stop? She's 28 and being for so long in the industry she is experienced and still fit. So why ruin yourself? I think she may have a family break in her early 30s but you'll never know.

Let me comment on this "somebody can take her spot" shit. No girl, she ain't no damn beginner who can be replaced in a minute. We don't have another talented female singer and performer right now so that's the biggest bullshit.

Bitchney Spears only manages to do well because she has the most delusional stans ever. Why the hell do you go to a concert where the "artist" can't dance and has no clue how to sing. Seriously this is something I will never understand. I saw this Britney video from her singing when she was like 12 and she sounded cute, better than now, so I'm not saying she's talentless at all but some are still living in 2001.

I thank everybody who inspired me to write this article. Have a blessed day and some of you may now want to go to the bathroom to clean your ears because I heard some people have a problem with them.

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