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Dec 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I wish you guys all the best for 2010!
Thanks for visiting iWontSTFU and let's make 2010 a great year!

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Mariah Carey: "Glitter criticism is annoying."

Mariah Carey has admitted that she is irritated by the constant criticism of Glitter.

Carey, who has recently received plaudits for her appearance in Precious, explained that she wants to move on from the 2001 film.

"It just gets annoying when eight years later they're like, 'The Glitter star, da-da-da'," she told Time Out New York. "I'm like, 'Yeah, you're current'."

She continued: "There have been worse movies. And I'm not sticking up for that movie. 'Cause it wasn't my thing. I didn't create it. But I do think the soundtrack is good."

Precious was recently named the best film of the year by Rolling Stone.


I agree with her. I never saw Glitter but this needs to stop.
But the soundtrack is horrible lol.
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iWontSTFU’s Top 15 Albums of 2009

I’m going to present my favorite albums of 2009. I considered only album which release dates were in 2009.




Mariah came back with an incredible album. I listened to it like crazy. She was able to give her fans a bit of all her sides: Old Mariah, hip-hop Mariah, pop Mariah. Unfortunately the album wasn’t as succesful as it deserves to be in my opinion. But in the end it’s whatever to me because hey I got an album that I can jam to for years.




Initially meant to be a re-.release Lady Gaga declared “The Fame Monster” to be a normal album with only eight tracks. However, all of the eight song are sick. There’s no weak song on the album. Definitely a superb album.




After a few years of absence Shakira returned with her third English album. Taking a more electro-pop route she surprised many fans but she also managed to convince them and many critics including me. Although it’s not her usual genre you still know it’s typical Shakira. Thumbs up!




Although Robin Thicke’s latest work was just released it already ranks that high. Why? Well, maybe because this album is just great? Yes, it is. I got to admit that it is a grower but once you take your time listening you will love it. Plus, it’s always a pleasure to hear Robin’s voice.




It seems like Sean “Jay-Z” Carter just needs to name his album “Blueprint” and it will be a good album. Even though he has featured guest on every track it’s still a great Jay-Z album. Especially “Empire State Of Mind”, “Venus vs Mars” and “On To The Next One” rock.




The follower of Alicia Keys’ highly successful album “As I Am” didn’t blew me away immediately but still it’s a good album. It’s funny though because my favorite songs are mainly the ones that are bonus tracks. Weird, huh?




The Black Eyed Peas killed it with this album. I always liked them but with this album they really got me. I want to mention though that without my girl Fergie they would be nothing special.




If you are a regular visitor of this blog you have already heard of my love for Miss Melanie Fiona. She’s so talented and such a lovely person that she doesn’t deserve anything but success. I wish more people will recognize and appreciate true singers instead of hyping up little idiots.




LeToya’s second solo album was definitely a step-up in comparison to her debut album. Thanks to a shitty label aka Atlantic Records “Lady Love” wasn’t as promoted as it should have been because it’s totally one of the best R&B albums of 2009.




Whitney Houston’s comeback album is also one of my favorites. She produced an album that fits her age and the current popular sound. My favorite songs are “Million Dollar Bill” which was written by Alicia Keys and produced by her boo Swizz Beatz and “Salute” which was penned by R.Kelly.




Amerie has never been a great album seller in the past years but this won’t prevent me from liking this album. Even though her strained voice can get on ones nerves every now and then, I appreciate her diffenrent sound.




I can’t stand Keri Hilson’s cocky ass (since her appearances on Shock Value) but I would lie if I don’t call this album a solid one. My favorite song is “Aliented”.




I adored her debut album “Coco” so it was a must do to listen to her second album, especially since “Fallin For You” is such a cute song. Good album overall.




I like this album much better than “Growing Pains”. “I Am” is a great track and so is her collaboration with Drake.




I don’t know how many of you guys have heard about the Teriyaki Boyz, a Japanese hip-hop group. Working with the Neptunes and Kanye West was definitely a good move. A refreshing hip-hop album with a different style. Love it.


So that’s it! Tell me which albums you liked the best in 2009 by commenting.

Dec 30, 2009

Lady Gaga Gets Hit By Flowers

Watch around 1:05

Look how she almost lost her hat lol.

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Dec 29, 2009

Video: Mary J. Blige - I Am

Nice video. Mary J. Blige looks great and the video fits the song well.

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Dec 28, 2009

Miscarried Baby Calls Out Beyoncé Stans

Well, she still don't know that she should just keep her mouth shut? You know she's now about be to be insulted like crazy haha.
Besides, I find it funny how celebs do rant on their twitter and later they'll realize that it wasn't the best idea and delete the tweet. Never heard of screenshot, huh?
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DJ Earthworm - Blame It On The Pop

DJ Earthworm created a remix using the hottest songs of 2009 and it's pretty dope.

You can also download this track for free: DOWNLOAD

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Video: Michael Jackson - This Is It

Michael Jackson - This Is It - Directed by Spike Lee from 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks on Vimeo.

This was a beautiful watch.

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Dec 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a merry Christmas!
Enjoy the holidays with your loved one and have fun.

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Video: Amerie feat. Fabolous – More Than Love

I loved the video.
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Shakira performs "Gypsy" @ Home for the Holidays

Shakira performs "Gypsy" at Home for the Holidays. The wig looks horrible...

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Dec 22, 2009

LastFM's Most Played Artists in 2009

1. Lady Gaga - 18,487,195
2. The Killers - 12,471,57
3. Lily Allen - 10,522,633
4. The Prodigy - 8,900,264
5. Franz Ferdinand - 8,795,186
6. Beyonce - 8,642,704
7. Animal Collective - 7,630,636
8. Green Day - 7,607,693
9. YEAH YEAH YEAHS - 6,885,404
10. KANYE WEST - 6,615,339

Lady GaGa really dominates everything right now.

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Dec 20, 2009

Video Footage: Alicia Keys Parties With Swizz Beats at Release Party

They sure had a lot of fun.

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Dec 18, 2009

MySpace Music: Behind The Scenes With Alicia Keys

To mark the launch of MySpace Music, go behind the scenes with Alicia Keys to reveal the music she loves. Watch the artist films and check out their playlists on MySpace, then get cracking with your own playlists.

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Robin Thicke Performs "Sex Therapy" on Conan O'Brien

I wasn't a big fan of the song but this performance somewhat changed my mind.

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Mariah Carey Performs "It's A Wrap"

With "It's A Wrap" being one of my favorite she better not mess it up - and she didn't. Thanks to lipping certain parts of course.

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Tina Knowles Files For Divorce From Mathew Knowles

Gossip blog TheYBF released a document that claims that Tina Knowles files for to divorce from Mathew Knowles.

Tina, who’s government name is Celestine Knowles, filed in Harris County, Houston, Texas last month. No appeals have happened. It’s well known amongst the gossip folks that Tina and Mathew “Papa was a rolling stone” Knowles have been secretly separated for years….and just put up that marital front for the sake of their kids’ image. And thanks to a tip, we’ve learned the divorce is popping off right about…now.

Well to hell with that because Tina is throwing deuces. Why now after all these years? I’m sure Mat’s jump-off turned secret baby mama situation with Alexsandra Wright that went public had something to do with it.

Well, I'm not a fan of Mama and Papa Knowles at all. She's designing ugly dresses and he's one shady guy. However, I will thank them for having made Beyoncé.

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Beyoncé Catches The Fever

Beyoncé Knowles is aiming to light a much-needed fire under the beleaguered fragrance business this February with her first scent, Beyoncé Heat. Industry sources estimate it could do $100 million at retail globally in its first year on counter. At least half of that figure is expected to come from U.S. sales.

And the entertainer — who is up for 10 Grammys on Jan. 31 — is more than up for the challenge. She can’t wait to get her scent into the hands of her fans.

“I’m so happy with it,” she said during an exclusive interview with WWD. “I’ve been working on it for a while now. I was on tour for a year, and I have meet-and-greets with fans. I’ve never in my life gotten so many compliments. Coty has their own testing, but that was my testing! The fans loved it. They were like, ‘I love that, I’m getting that, why isn’t it out right now? I need it!” said Knowles with a laugh.

Her fans’ passion helped spark the development process. “What inspires me [both in music and product creation] is love, passion — something that makes me want to be better, to do more,” she said. “Knowing that I have people who look to me — because thank God I’ve had so many great opportunities — I don’t take it for granted. Young girls can see me, and think, ‘Wow. Maybe if I work hard and I’m focused, I can do the same thing.’ And they absolutely can. It’s not just about me being a singer. It’s about knowing that I have people who look at my life, and to know I can inspire them inspires me.”

For the fragrance’s name, Knowles drew from her past tours. “A lot of my performances have had fire involved, so we thought ‘Heat.’ Also, red is one of my favorite colors, as is gold,” she noted; both colors frame the bottle. “So then we thought of making the bottle look like it’s on fire. I love antique bottles — my mother had a collection of them when I was growing up. I wanted something with an antique yet modern feeling. Even with my wardrobe, I always try to find things that have a little bit of something vintage, yet still timeless and classic. The bottle, I felt, was a great mixture of the two.”

The juice, which Knowles concocted with Givaudan’s Claude Dir and Olivier Gillotin, has top notes of red vanilla orchid, magnolia, neroli and blush peach; a heart of honeysuckle nectar, almond macaroon and crème de musk, and a drydown of giant sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber.

“This was my first time starting from scratch, although I’ve worked with a few other fragrance projects,” said Knowles, who has also been the face of Tommy Hilfiger’s True Star and Giorgio Armani’s Diamonds. “Everything, from the bottle design to the name and the ideas for the commercials — that’s me. When I commit to something, I do it 100 percent, and I’ve never had [creative control over a fragrance] until this project. I learned a lot of great things from the past — but I always asked myself, ‘If I could have my own scent, what would it be?’ I wasn’t worried about deadlines. It could have taken me three, four, however many years — this was my first fragrance, and I wanted to make sure that it was something I would love forever.”

And there will definitely be more fragrances, said Stephen Mormoris, senior vice president, global marketing, at Coty Beauty, a division of Coty Inc., which holds Knowles’ scent license.

“We will explore all of the different sides of Beyoncé with future fragrances, but Beyoncé Heat is meant to be the enduring classic,” said Mormoris. “We think this scent will re-energize the celebrity category.” Mormoris declined to discuss how large a house of Beyoncé fragrances could be, although industry sources estimated a Knowles-branded fragrance collection could represent a $300 million market opportunity within a few years.

The Beyoncé Heat lineup includes eaux de parfum in three sizes — 1 oz. for $39; 1.7 oz. for $49, and 3.4 oz. for $59 — as well as a 6.8-oz. Gold Sparkling Body Lotion for $24.

In addition to its U.S. distribution — about 2,000 department and specialty store doors, including Macy’s — the collection will be available in Canada and Latin America in February. Additional global distribution — including Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Australia — will begin in August. In-store, the bottle will be on a rotating platform meant to show off its facets and graduated coloring. The top of the bottle is edged with a gold band, inscribed with the words Beyoncé and Heat, and topped with a cap etched with the letter B.

Both TV and print advertising — with the tag line “Catch the Fever” — will accompany Beyoncé Heat’s launch. “It’s called Heat, so we wanted the ads to be really steamy and dewy,” said Knowles. “My sexiest moments are when I’m just getting out of the tub or the shower and I’m clean, so I wanted to incorporate that in the ads. The dress was this liquid-y satin. The song ‘Fever’ I did years ago and always loved it. [For the commercial] I got to sing it a bit more whispery, more natural.”

The TV ad was directed by Jake Nava, who also shot Knowles’ videos “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” “If I Were a Boy” and “Beautiful Liar.” Print advertising, shot by Michael Thompson, depicts a sultry Knowles in the same dress worn in the TV campaign. The ad, which will be available as single- and double-page spreads, will begin running in February fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines.

While executives declined to discuss advertising and promotional spending, industry sources estimated that Coty Beauty would spend at least $20 million on advertising and promotion in Beyoncé Heat’s first year on counter. About 70 percent of that figure is expected to be in media spending, with the overwhelming majority of it to be spent on TV ads. As well, the brand is targeting at least 40 million scented impressions.

An intensive Internet campaign is planned, noted Jerôme Dujoux, global marketing director, fragrance division, for Coty Beauty. A teaser Web site,, goes live today, with an e-blast to Knowles’ fans on Facebook and MySpace. A unique Facebook application, How Hot Are You?, rates a user’s profile on its “Fever Meter.” It is designed to allow potential purchasers to see just how sizzling — or fizzling, as the case may be — they are.

Knowles will also make an appearance to promote the scent at Macy’s Herald Square on Feb. 3.

Right before that appearance, however, Knowles will face the 52nd annual Grammy Awards. “To be honest, I haven’t really wrapped my head around it,” she said of her 10 nominations; she ties Lauryn Hill for most nominations for a female artist in a single year. “I was just away and planned this really big party [husband Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s 40th birthday party in the Dominican Republic] — so many details. I was so into that that when I got the news, I didn’t really think about it. It sounds crazy, but I’m still like, ‘No, that’s not true.’ I have to read it somewhere to believe it!

“I feel so great, because my heart and my soul are in this record, and I took my time with it,” she continued. “I took a lot of chances, and it’s rare that people allow you to grow up and mature in your music when they reach you at 15, like me.”

Knowles is also hard at work on her fashion line. “We just shot our next ad with Tony Duran in Greece,” she said. “And the clothes are beautiful — we did a Sasha Fierce line with a lot of studding and denim and shoulder pads, very sexy and cool. And the House of Déreon dresses are so elegant. I think the clothes and the ads keep growing and evolving. We also have amazing accessories — we have great shoes, hosiery, lingerie. We just got a new hat license.”

While Knowles won’t stay away from the recording studio for long — “It’s like therapy for me, I love to do it,” she said — she’s pursuing yet another developing passion: directing. “Right now, I am learning Final Cut Pro and learning to edit — I just directed my [tour] DVD,” she said. “I was figuring out exactly where I wanted the cameras to go, who I wanted to be the ADs [assistant directors]. I had eight months to figure that stuff out, so I did it slowly. I already do my own little mini movies, so hopefully I’ll get more into that and develop my production company, and maybe I can direct other performance DVDs and videos.”

She’s also planning more movie roles: “I’ve gotten a lot of great scripts, and it’s difficult for me to pass on some of it because I would love to do everything. I have to learn to sit down for a second!”

To those who suggest she might be courting burnout, Knowles disagrees. “It’s hard to balance out everything that I do, but they are all things that I love and am passionate about — so you just make time. It’s a lot easier when you love it, you know?” she said. “It’s like anything else: I just try to balance and focus on one thing at a time, not do a movie and an album all at once. I don’t jump into things right away, whether with my movie career or anything else. I still haven’t been the star in a movie. I’ve been very conscious to work with people that are great, who have been doing it longer than I have, so I can learn from them before I have that pressure. With my videos, I did probably 40 videos before I finally decided to direct one. I worked with other beauty companies, but I waited until I knew exactly what I wanted before I did a fragrance. I don’t just jump into things and try to do everything — I try to really learn and make sure I’m ready.”


Well I definitely can't wait to smell it. And as I know me I will probably end up buying itl lol.

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Dec 17, 2009

Lady Gaga's Christmas Album (Parody)

That's hilarious. My favorite was "Snow Pants". LOL

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Dec 16, 2009

Alicia Keys On The View

The setting was great! And the performances too, of course.

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Lady Gaga Performing for The Queen

This was absolutely amazing.

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Dec 15, 2009

Alicia Keys Performs on Letterman

I loved it. Very nice :D

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Dec 14, 2009

Whitney Houston Throws Shade At Britney Spears

Watch around 4:30

Go Whitney!

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Video Preview: Rihanna - Hard

Checkout the preview of Rihanna's new video "Hard".

Hmm. Not my style at all. There's too much violence in this world already.

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Dec 13, 2009

Alicia Keys' Favorite Song Of The Decade Is...

Too bad they didn't ask her about her fave album.

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Alicia Keys Performs "Doesn't Mean Anything" on T4


That was nice as always.

Thanks to for always providing her appearances! :D

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Dec 12, 2009

Rihanna Performs Russian Roulette on Cheryl Coles Night In

Nice set up and those heels were fiyah. Oh and btw the performance was ok. Just the same Rihanna as always.

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Review: Alicia Keys - The Element Of Freedom (Deluxe Edition)

Alicia Keys is releasing her 4th studio album on December 15th. She promised us that this the album is going to be her most personal (doesn’t every artist say that?) and then some may be surprised about the sound. So let’s see if this album is another classic or rather “The Element of Boredom”.

Love Is Blind

This song is totally different to what she’s done before and I love it. She uses her voice in a unusual way but it’s definitely interesting.

Doesn’t Mean Anything

The first single which could easily be a leftover from the “As I Am” era or a recycled “If I Ain’t Got U”. I personally love the song.

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

The second single follows right after the first and the sound of this track is great. I especially love the beginning, it’s so hot. Definitely a highlight.

Wait Til You See My Smile

Just beautiful. This song is really empowering when you feel down (Cause you’re stronger and you’re better/and you’re ready for whatever).

That’s How Strong My Love Is

In this song Alicia tells us that “people call her crazy for falling it love with” Swizz. Interestingly, she already announced that in “Love Is Blind”. Everytime the song starts I think of "Tender love". The song is in my opinion rather boring.


Drake delivered the background vocals and I enjoy Alicia’s tone very much but besides that song is just ok.

Love Is My Disease

Was co-written and co-written by Toby Gad (Big Girls Don’t Cry, If I Were A Boy) but it is just an ok song.

Like The Sea

I’m feeling this song.

Put It In A Love Song (feat. Beyoncé)

Even though I Am… a Sasha Fierce Support Representative I am not really too fond of this song. It could have been a bonus track because it doesn’t really flow well. The uptempo song reveals though that both ladies have a great chemistry together and nobody really tries to outshine the other one which is great. However, I really could see Beyoncé and Alicia Keys making a hot ballad together. This is probably what most people expect them to do and maybe that’s why Alicia chose to take the other direction but yeah, it could have been better.

This Bed

Is another highlight to me. Really cute. (This bed is too lonely without you, don’t wanna hold my pillow, I wanna hold you)

Distance and Time

I absolutely ADORE this song. It’s so beautiful. *sighs*

How It Feels How To Fly

Filler. This song does nothing for me.

Empire State Of Mind Part II

When I heard the song for the very first time I was not happy with it. Mainly because I thought that there’s no need to make a part two of an already perfect song. But the more I listen to it the more I love it. I’m now thankful she recorded her own version.

Bonus Tracks

Through It All

Ain’t it funny? Of all songs this is my favorite. I can’t understand why this only destined to be a bonus song.

Praying For Forgiveness

Same goes for this song which was co-written by Linda Perry who penned already “Superwoman”. It’s not as good as “Through It All” but also very nice and could have been included in the regular album.


The DVD contains four live performances (Doesn't Mean Anything, Empire State Of Mind Part II, Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart, No One) and the official music video for "Doesn't Mean Anything". The performances are done in a studio with her band and are nice to watch but not breathtaking.

So first of all let me say “The Element of Freedom” doesn’t have the wow effect that I had when listening to “As I Am”. Nevertheless Alicia delivered a solid album. Her voice sounds raw, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. You could say she’s transferring all those emotions through her voice or you’ll say she is having the Mariah syndrome and loses her voice. I hope the latter is not the case.

She definitely shows her vulnerable side and you can say it is in fact her personal record.

Summing it up: Not as good as “As I Am” (which was simply fantastic so I didn’t expect her to top it) but still a good effort. Additionally, the album sounds different to her previous ones without losing the typical Alicia Keys’ style.

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Dec 11, 2009

Rihanna: I could see myself in a relationship with a girl.

Rihanna has a crush on Megan Fox, and would love to film a lesbian scene with the 'Transformers' actress.

The singer was asked if she would ever consider taking on movie work in the future, to which she replied: "Hopefully - we are working on that idea right now."
As for what kind of storylines and roles the 'Russian Roulette' star would take on, Rihanna revealed: "I'd love to be an assassin. Either that or a lesbian.
"Maybe both! Hey, a gay assassin, there's nothing hotter than that." Ri joked. "Megan Fox would play my girlfriend - hands down. She's yummy. She's hot.

"All humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes. I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl."



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Justin Bieber "Raps" Eminem Song

DEEEEAAAAAD. This lil mofo needs to stay at home.

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Lady GaGa: I had sexual relationships with women.

So not shocking! haha

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Mariah Carey "Angels Advocate" Tour Dates

Dec. 31 New York, NY Madison Square Garden – on sale now
Jan. 2 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata – on sale now
Jan. 15-16 Mashantucket, CT MGM Grand Theatre at Foxwoods – on sale 12/11
Jan. 19 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre – on sale 12/19
Jan. 21 Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – on sale 12/18
Jan. 25 Detroit, MI Fox Theatre – on sale 12/19
Jan. 27 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall – on sale 12/18
Jan. 30 Boston, MA Wang Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 1 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 4 Montreal, Que. Bell Centre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 6 Ottawa, Ont. Scotiabank Place – on sale 12/21
Feb. 9 Toronto, Ont. Air Canada Centre – on sale 12/21
Feb. 10 Columbus, OH Schottenstein Center – on sale 12/19
Feb. 13 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 16 Minneapolis, MN Northrop Auditorium – on sale TBA
Feb. 18 Dallas, TX Nokia Theatre – on sale 12/18
Feb. 20 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 23 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Theatre – on sale 12/19
Feb. 26 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena – on sale 12/19
Feb. 27 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl Concert Theater – on sale 12/19

Are you going?

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance @ Jingle Bell Ball

They shot that weird. :|

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Alicia Keys Performs "Doesn't Mean Anything" on Paul O'Grady

Good performance!

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Alicia Keys "The Element Of Freedom (Deluxe Edition)" Booklet Pictures

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Dec 10, 2009

Alicia Keys On The Paul O'Grady Show

Loved the interview. It was fun watching and Alicia looked great.

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Video: Melanie Fiona - Monday Morning

With "Monday Morning" being my favorite Melanie Fiona song, I'm glad she made a video for it and I'm even happier for it being so artistic and unusual. GO MF!!!

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Dec 9, 2009

Behind The Scenes: Beyonce feat. Lady GaGa - Video Phone

They had a good time filming! And the end was really cute. "And I am on to see my husband. I'm happy, I'm happy I'm happy". LOL.

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Dec 8, 2009

"H.A.T.E.U." Video To Premiere Today!

New premium music video site is set to launch today, December 8th with a coming out party in New York City that includes Mariah taking the stage to premiere her new video, "H.A.T.E.U." The video for "H.A.T.E.U." was shot last month in California by renowned filmmaker Brett Ratner, whose videography with Mariah Carey stretches back more than a decade, to 1998's "I Still Believe." Along the way, Ratner has directed videos for Mariah including "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together" (from The Emancipation Of Mimi), "Touch My Body" (from E=MC2) and, most recently, for her platinum selling # 1 single "Obsessed" (from Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel).

Check out tonight, December 8th to watch Mariah's new video, "H.A.T.E.U."

So let's just hope the video will be...decent?

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Melanie Fiona on The Mo'Nique Show

After being interviewed by Mo'Nique, Melanie Fiona performed her hit "It Kills Me".

You go girl!

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Shakira Visits Oxford University

Grammy-winning musician Shakira took the stage in England on Monday – but not to sing. In a speech at Oxford University, she put out a call for universal access to education as a tool for world peace. "That is how I want the youth of 2060 to see us: That our mission for global peace consisted of sending 30,000 educators to Afghanistan, not 30,000 soldiers," said Shakira, who was invited by the Oxford Student Union. "That in 2010, world education became more important than world domination."

That would be indeed great but in this effed up world it won't be happen.

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Beyonce To Perform Video Phone On X-Factor

"With a massive 4 hour final to fill a large number of stars are lined up to perform and perhaps duet – we just have no idea who with! Beyoncé, who performed with last year’s winner Alexandra, is due to return to the stage to perform her new single Video Phone – will she also be singing with one of this year’s finalists?"


Madonna is rumored to have signed up for this week’s X Factor final.

We have already revealed that Paul McCartney, Michael Buble, Robbie Williams and George Michael will be performing with the X Factor finalists next week, now we hear that these two superstars may be giving solo performances.


X-Factor is really getting the hottest stars on their show.

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Just Dance 2

Are here any remix lovers? Yes? Great! On Amazon MP3 will find "Just Dance 2" an official remix album with remixes of Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson and many more for just $5!

1. Russian Roulette [Jump Smokers Remix] Rihanna 3:04
2. Obsessed [Jump Smokers Remix] Mariah Carey 3:07
3. Now You See It (Feat. Pitbull & Jump Smokers) (Club Mix) Honorebel 3:04
4. My Life Would Suck Without You [Chriss Ortega Club Mix] Kelly Clarkson Album Only
5. Take Me Back (Feat. Taio Cruz) Tinchy Stryder 3:00
6. Walkin' On The Moon (Feat. Kanye West) (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Mix) The-Dream 5:27
7. Cry Tonight (Kiss Me Back) [Extended Mix] Kim Sozzi 4:05
8. Armageddon [StoneBridge Club Mix] Jessica Jarrell 4:05
9. Goodbye [Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Club Remix] Kristinia DeBarge 4:08
10. Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go) [Dave Audé Club Remix] Noisettes 4:21
11. Never Say Never (Feat. Jacqueline Govaert) (Alex Guadino Remix) Armin Van Buuren 4:37
12. Angel On My Shoulder (with Tamra) (EDX's Belo Horizonte At Night Remix) Kaskade 6:05
13. I'm Not Alone [Deadmau5 Mix] Calvin Harris 4:50
14. I Remember (Deadmau5 & Kaskade) (Vocal Mix) Deadmau5 6:58
15. Louder Than Boom [Extended Mix] Tiësto 2:24
16. Every Morning Basshunter 4:18
17. I Want To Know What Love Is [Cutmore's Radio Shakedown] (Amazon MP3 Exclusive) Mariah Carey 3:08 Album Only

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Dec 6, 2009

Janet Jackson Performs on X-Factor

Janet Jackson looked good andit was good to see her perform "All For You".
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Lady GaGa Performs On X-Factor

I don't think I've ever seen somebody performing in a tube lol.
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Introducing... Jimmie Allen (with 2 Free Downloads!)

"Comet" is Jimmie Allen's first single off his debut album which is coming out in 2010. Jimmie is already working with names such as Mark Endert who is for example responsible for hits from Madonna, Maroon 5, Miley Circus and Anastacia!

Check out those two pop/rock songs by Jimmie Allen.

Crush (4.75 MB) DOWNLOAD
Comet (4.06 MB) DOWNLOAD

I'm really feeling the songs. Especially Comet is hot. I can see a good future for Jimmie Allen. he definitely got a nice voice.

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Shakira On Katie Couric

Shakira is such a great person. You can tell by the way she expresses herself.

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Rihanna on SNL

That was funny and I like the song better than most of the songs she has on her album!

And even here she sounded alright, at least WAY better than she did on X-Factor.

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Video: Shakira - Did It Again (feat. Kid Cudi)

Although they did quite a good job integrating Kid Cudi into the video I feel like the flows better without him.
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Dec 5, 2009

Alicia Keys Talks Jay-Z, Beyonce and more!

Jay arrived just before the show started to get loose before performing his smash duet, “Empire State of Mind” with Alicia. While Jay laughed and joked around backstage, Alicia gave us the scoop on how they came to create “New York’s Anthem” in “Empire State of Mind.”

While Alicia enjoys her time with Jay-Z, she also loves country crooner Tim McGraw! We also learned that Jay Z is no male diva. (The hip hop legend only requested bottled water for his dressing room and nothing else!)

Alicia on Tim McGraw, with whom she recently collaborated on the John Lennon classic “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” on ‘Oprah’:

“Tim is really cool. He’s a super sweet southern gentleman. 100 percent cowboy hat and jeans on the whole time. You throw two people in a room and we worked it out. We have totally different styles but I didn’t feel out of place and I didn’t want him to, either. We found a place of comfort for us both and he is truly great and honest. Tim’s one request was don’t ask me to do any adlibs at the end! We had so much fun!”

Alicia on the real story behind her hit single with Jay Z, ‘Empire State of Mind’:

“Jay called me and said, ‘I have this record, it’s going to be an anthem for New York and it has piano. I can’t see anyone doing it but you. He said it’s perfect, it’s going to be a classic.’ We met in the studio and the minute that I heard it – the hook was already really strong. It wasn’t complete, but I immediately felt the way everybody feels when they hear it! “

“I loved it and knew it was going to be great, but I really could not have imagined how beyond New York it is. I was just in London and they were rocking it on the radio. It’s all about achieving and dream and possibilities. It’s a beautiful thing – New York is the one place where you can do anything. “

On her secret video with Beyonce:

Jay Z’s wife, Beyonce has also spent time in the studio with Alicia this year and the two sexy ladies filmed a home video. “I have a single with Beyonce called ‘Put it in a Love Song.’ It’s got a beat and the piano. We were both in the same room in the same studio and had a major party recording it. We laughed the whole time and took a crazy little video of us acting out the song – which no one will ever see!”

On her charity, Keep a Child Alive:

“I’ve been to Africa twice and I’ve seen people who are beautiful and full of faith. I’ve witnessed people my age and younger who have watched their families torn apart. They’ve seen their mothers and fathers die from AIDS, a disease that is treatable. The kids handle their lives with grace through it all – they take care of their brothers and sisters. We’ve been able to build clinics, orphanages and hospital wings. There was once nothing there and now there is something there that can serve people. When I went to Africa it changed my life.”

On her new upcoming album, “The Element of Freedom”:

Alicia says through working on her new album, The Element of Freedom, she figured out how to take weekends off and relax a little. “I have finally found my own freedom. I’ve learned how to pace things better and to find a balance. You are trying to juggle your career, your dreams, your family – everything. Through this album I found how I could be creative and be a businesswoman and be sane without driving myself crazy.”

I would like to see the video, Alicia! lol
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Dec 4, 2009

Alicia Keys Live! on YouTube - Full Concert

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Dec 3, 2009

Shakira Sings "Santa Baby"

That was great!

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Alicia Keys Talks Beyoncé Collaboration

OMG this song has to be epic! I'm so glad they recorded it really together. Now I'm really excited to cop "The Element of Freedom".

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Dec 2, 2009

Alicia Keys Performs New Song "Distance and Time"

Alicia Keys was performing last night and you were able to watch it live via Youtube. Here's a new song called "Distance and Time" which will appear on "The Element Of Freedom".

It sounds really beautiful.

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Dec 1, 2009

Black Eyed Peas US Tour Dates Announced

February 4th - Philips Arena - Atlanta, United States
February 6th - American Airlines Arena - Miami, United States
February 9th - Jacksonville Veteran's Memorial Arena - Jacksonville, United States
February 10th - St. Pete's Time Forum - Tampa, United States
February 12th - Nashville Arena - Nashville, United States
February 13th - Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center - Birmingham, United States
February 16th - Schottenstein Center - Columbus, United States
February 17th - Rupp Arena - Lexington, United States
February 19th - RBC Center - Raleigh, United States
February 20th - Time Warner Cable Arena - Charlotte, United States
February 23rd - Verizon Center - Washington D.C, United States
February 24th - Madison Square Gardens - New York City, United States
February 26th - TD Garden - Boston, United States

March 1st - Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, United States
March 3rd - Wachovia Center - Philadelphia, United States
March 4th - Mellon Arena - Pittsburgh, United States
March 6th - Air Canada Centre - Toronto, Canada
March 9th - The Palace - Detroit, United States
March 11th - Bradley Center - Milwaukee, United States
March 13th - United Center - Chicago, United States
March 19th - American Airlines Center - Dallas, United States
March 20th - BOK Center - Tulsa, United States
March 22nd - Xcel Energy Center - St. Paul, United States
March 24th - Sprint Center - Kansas City, United States
March 25th - Wells Fargo Arena - Des Moines, United States
March 27th - Pepsi Center - Denver, United States
March 29th - Staples Center - Los Angeles, United States
March 31st - Arena - Glendale, United States

April 2nd - HP Pavillion - San Jose, United States
April 7th - ARCO Arena - Sacramento, United States
April 10th - Tacoma Dome - Tacoma, United States
April 11th - GM Place - Vancouver, Canada

More dates to come! Are you gonna go?

Alicia Keys Interview On Oprah

Alicia looks great and I wonder how she cooks lol

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Man Proposes At Beyoncé Concert

Aww. So cute.

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