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Oct 31, 2009

Rihanna - The Wait Is Ova

The second single of Rihanna called "Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova) leaked today.


I think the part with "The Wait Is Ova" is very hot but I'm not sure about the song in its entirety. Maybe it's a grower.

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Trailer: Beyoncé - I Am...Yours

Ahhhh I can't wait. This is gonna be fantastic!

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Download: Michelle Williams - Sick Of It Remix

Ex-Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams dropped via twitter "Sick Of It Remix".

Not the biggest fan but this is alright.

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Sugababes 4.0 Pushes Album Back!

Seriously this era is a mess from the beginning. After going with a sound that I am not quite feeling and kicking out their best member, Keisha, the Sugababes decided to push their album Sweet 7 back to (Attention!) February 22nd! It was originally scheduled to be released November.


That is totally funny to me and honestly I'm not sad about it because I won't check for them, no matter when they release.

I rather sit here and wait for Keisha to bring a solo album. Although I have to admit that I hardly see her being a smash I hope for a decent album whenever the time is right.

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Oct 30, 2009

Video: Shakira - Did It Again

OMG that was absolutely fantastic!

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10 Questions for Shakira

Shakira's just so adorable, you gotta love her personality.

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Video: Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind

Great video. The shots were amazing and the black and white worked pretty well.

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Video: Britney Spears - 3

This definitely had another feeling than her videos before. I felt like watching a PCD video though.

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Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Performing at World Series Game

Nice performance although the audio was not clear at all. Plus I wasn't feeling Alicia Keys' outfit. The shoes were fierce but the rest? No.

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Oct 29, 2009

Alicia Keys - Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

Check out Alicia Keys' second single "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" from her upcoming album "The Element Of Freedom".

The song is hot. Definitely an upgrade to "Doesn't Mean Anything" which was a bit too safe.

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Video Sneak Peek: Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind

It looks promising but I hope there will be something special and not only pics of NYC and Jay and Alicia standing next to one another.

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Oct 27, 2009

Official Album Cover: Rihanna - Rated R

Here's Rihanna's album cover for her highly anticipated album "Rated R".


Not really feeling it but she keeps doing the being dark and edgy thing.

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Video: Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz - I Can Transform Ya

I'm not a fan of Chris Brown but the effects are pure fiyah.

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Video: Flo Rida - Touch Me

This looked like a commercial...a cheap commercial. Garbage.

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Oct 26, 2009

Video Sneak Peek: 50 Cent – Baby By Me feat. Kelly Rowland

Check out the clip of 50 Cent's new video "Baby By Me" featuring Kelly Rowland.

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Oct 25, 2009

Beyoncé To Be Featured On Lady Gaga's Telephone!

Remember me saying it would be dope if Beyoncé was featured on Lady Gaga's new song Telephone? Well, it turned out to be true!
Telephone (Feat. Beyoncé)
According to Universal Music Group, Beyoncé will be a featured artist on “Telephone”. The track is produced by Darkchild and is rumored to be the 2nd single from The Fame Monster. Gaga and Beyoncé recently collaborated on Beyoncé’s upcoming single, “Video Phone”. Below is a detailed tracklist of The Fame Monster taken from Universal:

1. Bad Romance 04:55
2. Alejandro 04:37
3. Monster 04:09
4. Speechless 04:30
5. Dance In The Dark 04:48
6. Telephone (Featuring Beyoncé) 03:40
7. So Happy I Could Die 03:55
8. Teeth 03:40

I cannot wait!!!

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Robin Thicke To Collaborate With Jay-Z

Robin Thicke and Jay-Z have reportedly decided to collaborate on a new song.

The R&B singer has confirmed on Twitter that the rap superstar will appear on his fourth studio album Sex Therapy, reports SOHH.

Thick wrote: "In the studio today with Jay Z. His Hovieness!! So excited!! He's jumping on one of my records for my Sex Therapy album. Wish me luck!! RT."


Frankly spoken I'm not really anticipating it since I really can't stand Robin's single "Sex Therapy".

Ciara Performs at Oi Fashion Rocks

Ciara performed Love, Sex, Magic, 1,2 Step, Work and Promise in Brazil.

Fucking dead at the camera man failing to follow her when she went low haha

"Promise" was really great. I'm not the biggest fan of "LSM" but the choreography is hot.

By the way, it's Ciara's birthday, so Happy Birthday, CiCi!

Mariah Carey Performs at Oi Fashion Rocks

Mariah Carey performed Touch My Body, Obsessed and Fantasy (Remix) last night in Brazil.

That was a little underwhelming. The set list is in my opinion somewhat strange but I guess she wanted to go for a fun performance.

It looks so ridiculous...every single time.

Oct 24, 2009

Watch Mariah Carey and Ciara Live In Brazil

Here you can watch Mariah Carey, Ciara, Estelle, P.Diddy and more perform at Oi Fashion Rocks!

Lady GaGa - Super Deluxe Fame Monster Pack Revealed

The ultimate peek into the Haus Of Gaga spanning music, fashion, art, fans and gossip! The Fame Monster includes:

* 8 new studio recordings with production by RedOne, Rodney Jerkins, Teddy Riley, Fernando Garibay and Ron Fair featuring the smash single "Bad Romance" and "Telephone"

* The original album The Fame

* The definitive "Book of Gaga"-A highly stylized art table book housed in a custom slipcase documenting Gaga's journey into pop superstardom including:

* A lock of Lady Gaga's hair
* Collectible puzzle
* Pictorials
* A behind the scenes look at her creative process
* Pull out posters
* Themed fanzines
* A paper doll collection
* 3 D glasses to view forthcoming Gaga visuals
* Personal notes from the artist
* Each book individually numbered


This is looking fierce...talking about being fierce: How high are the chances that Beyoncé will be featured on Telephone?

Mariah Carey - H.A.T.E.U. (Jump Smokers Remix)

This remix is hot!

Alicia Keys BET Backstage Interview

Alicia Keys mentioned that a Jay-Z collabo on her album might be possible.

Korean Mariah Carey Interview

The interview was weird; she sounded bored or she was tired I don't know.

Alicia Keys Interview with Alexa Chung

They gotta stop asking her about Lil Mama. It's too old!

Oct 23, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Alicia Keys Video "Doesn't Mean Anything"

Take a look behind the scenes of Alicia Keys' new video!

Shakira Performing "Loba" at MTV Los Premios

Check out Shakira's performance at Los Premios here.

I was feeling it.

Alicia Keys On 106&Park

Alicia Keys stopped by BET's 106 & Park to speak about her new album Element of Freedom.

Alicia's really looking great and I liked her answers in the game.

Oct 22, 2009

Shakira Is A "He Wolf"

At least in Brazil! When you get a Brazilian copy of Shakira's newest album you will see this:

LMFAO, poor Shakiro though.

Shakira Performs "She Wolf" at Alexa Chung

Preview: Amerie - In Love & War

Check out the snippets of Amerie's new album "In Love & War" at Amazon.

Whitney Houston Performs "Million Dollar Bill" at X-Factor Italy

She gets better with every performance.

Oct 21, 2009

Mariah Carey Performs at Stripped New York City

Mariah Carey performed her songs H.A.T.E.U., Always Be My Baby and We Belong Together.

Unfortunately the video isn't in sync with the audio but Always Be My Baby and We Belong Together Were pretty nice. H.A.T.E.U. sounded pretty much like the studio version which is not cool at all.

Oct 20, 2009

Download: Melanie Fiona - It Kills Me

Melanie's current single "It Kills Me" is the Free Single Of The Week. Click here to go to the US iTunes Store.

Additionally, her album "The Bridge" is only $5.99.

Go and support one talented artist.

Shakira, Nelly Furtado, Norah Jones Support Illegal Downloaders


SHAKIRA has waded into an ongoing U.K. debate over illegal downloads - insisting the controversial practice brings her "closer to her fans".

Lily Allen spearheaded a campaign last month (Sep09) to stop illicit file-sharing and called on the British government to help beat illegal downloaders, who she fears will destroy the music industry.

Sir Elton John, Annie Lennox and George Michael backed her protest - but the Whenever, Wherever hitmaker, who has sold millions of records worldwide, is sympathetic to illegal downloaders.

Shakira tells Sky News, "I like what's going on because I feel closer to the fans and the people who appreciate the music. It's the democratisation of music in a way, and music is a gift. That's what it should be, a gift."

Allen is adamant the practice means artists just starting out in the music business will struggle - but singer Nelly Furtado has also joined the debate, insisting losing sales is irrelevant to success.

She adds, "If you love music you're going to make it anyway. You'll find an audience, and you may not make like millions of dollars but you'll make enough to have a house and a family and a car."


That is probably what a true musician says who loves to make music and doesn't focus on the profit mainly.

I'd like to hear what you guys think about this!

Rihanna - Russian Roulette

The long awaited first single off Rihanna's upcoming album just dropped today.

You can listen to it here.

Damn, she gets me everytime. I love the song.

Rihanna - The Wait Is Ova Promotional Teaser

I must say that I'm really looking forward to hearing the full song because it sounds already catchy.

Oct 19, 2009

Whitney Houston Performs "Million Dollar Bill" at X-Factor

That was definitely the best performance of this era. Plus I thought she handled the wardrobe malfunction well.

MUSIC VIDEO: Alicia Keys – Doesn’t Mean Anything

watch Alicia Keys official music video for her first single Doesn't Mean Anything off her new album The Element Of Freedom to be release on December 1st.

Oct 18, 2009

Shakira Perfoms "She Wolf" & "Did It Again" @ SNL

Great performances and I'm very pleased about "She Wolf" being live.

Justin Timberlake Performs In Vegas

“There were a lot of acts this year that weren’t able to get here till today, so there weren’t as many collabs as I had in my brain,” Timberlake told MTV News during rehearsals. “But I think that’s always the case, it’s kind of like [when] you do an album and you write, like, 40 songs, and then 12 of them make it. … But still, just having everyone out and getting to see them do their set — there are a couple of things that have never been performed onstage. There’s a new song from [Timbaland] tonight, from his record that we did together. I think Snoop’s doing a new song from his new record. So it’s kinda cool for them too, because it’s like perfect test marketing.”

Source: MTV

Oct 17, 2009

Behind The Scenes: 50 Cent & Kelly Rowland ‘Baby By Me’ Video Shoot

50 Cent is currently in Los Angeles shooting the official video of “Baby By Me”, which is the first single off his upcoming album “Before I Self Destruct”. Video starring Ne-Yo and … Kelly Rowland!

See photos here

Alicia Keys Interview With CNN

Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys tells CNN's TJ Holmes about her Keep a Child Alive humanitarian organization

Timbaland - Say Something (Feat. Drake)

off Shock Value 2 which is in stores November 24th. Gear up!

Listen to it here

MUSIC VIDEO: Leona Lewis - Happy

this is the lead single from her upcoming album Echo which drops Nov. 17th

Oct 16, 2009

Leona Lewis Speaks About Attack

She spoke about it briefly on her website

Thank you so much for your support it is truly overwhelming. Yesterday was a horrible shock and left me extremely hurt and upset. I’m very sorry to those I wasn’t able to meet at the signing. Thank you again for all of the lovely messages.

Love you all,


Shakira - ‘Did It Again/Lo Hecho Esta Hecho’ (Video Teaser)

Beyoncé Sings "Forever Young" in Japan

Before starting "Halo" Beyoncé sings a part of "Forever Young".


Oct 15, 2009

Melanie Fiona's Subway Series: New York City

Aww it shows how much she cares about real art and not only mainstream music.

Shakira feat. Lil Wayne & Timbaland – Give It Up To Me

The song will appear on Shakira’s American version of her new album She Wolf.

You can listen to it here.

Here are the lyrics:
How you doin I’m Mr Mos I’m back
Timb are you on it
Timb are you on it
Give me some
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you wanted?
Uh Wayne’s World
I’m the cashier I change girls
You can go up my crain girl
And Imma go down that drain girl
Hey ah midnight cowboy
My flow’s a dog…down boy
Hah my girl is a queen
And she do what I say and I say what I mean
Then I give it to her uncut
Shakira, swing those hips like nun chucks
Now, give it to me
I want the best and the best things in life are free
You can have it all
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
(Give it up to me)
Nothing too big or small
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
(Give it up to me)
What you get is exactly what you give
Never really know until you try
We’re so ahead of this
Got this she wolf appetite that keeps me up all night
You know the way it works don’t be afraid to ask
Aim high when the target is low
FYI I am ready to go
People say men are just like kids
Never saw a kid behave like this
What you give is exactly what you receive
So put me in a cage and lock me away and i’ll play the games that you want me to play

You can have it all
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
(Give it up to me)
Nothing too big or small
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
(Give it up to me)
Hey can we go by walking
Or do you prefer to fly
All of the roads are open
In your mind
In your life
Give it up to me
Hey can we go by walking
Or do you prefer to fly
All of the roads are open
In your life
In your life
Give it up to me
Hey lil lady
What’s your plan
Say lil mama
Come take a ride jump in
Hey there baby
What’s on your mind
Don’t need approval tonight, tonight
Give it up
You can have it all
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
(Give it up to me)
Nothing too big or small
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
(Give it up to me)
You can have it all
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
(Give it up to me)
Nothing too big or small
Anything you want you can make it yours
Anything you want in the world
Anything you want in the world
(Give it up to me)
via Ryan Seacrest

Lady Gaga Announces "The Monster Ball" Tour

Here are the dates:

November 27 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - The Bell Center
November 28 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Air Canada Center
November 29 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Scotiabank Place
December 1 & 2 - Boston, MA - Wang Center
December 3 - Camden, NJ - Susquehanna
December 9 & 10 - Vancouver, BC, Canada - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
December 13 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic
December 18 - Las Vegas, NV - TBD
December 19 - San Diego, CA - San Diego Sports Arena
December 21 - Los Angeles, CA - Nokia Theatre
December 29 - Atlanta, GA - Fox Theater
December 31 - Miami, FL - Knight Center
January 3 - Orlando, FL - The Hard Rock
January 7 - St. Louis, MO - The Fox
January 8 & 9 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre
January 12 - Detroit, MI - Fox Theater
January 16 - Atlantic City, NJ - Borgata
January 20 & 21 - New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall


Ironically Kid Cudi will be the support act for all dates.

Are you going?

Oct 14, 2009

Leona Lewis Got Slapped At Book Signing

Without expecting any harm Leona Lewis presented and signed her new released book "Dreams" in London when a man got up to her and slapped her. The police put him under arrest.

Her spokesperson said Leona is “understandably badly shaken”, “medical attention had been sought” and that the attack was completely “unprovoked”.

Her friend ex-Sugababe Keisha Buchanan twittered that Leona is ok.

Beyoncé "I Am...Yours" DVD/CD Cover





Although the colors are hot I don't understand why the DVD cover has such a huge black empty area. They could have placed the font at the top at list to fill it out.

The "Intimate Performance at the Wynn Encore" will be in stores November 24.

Shakira Killing Her Performances At Dancing With The Stars

I wasn't too happy about her recent performance, especially "She Wolf" lipping mess was a no-no.
But Shakira apparently learned and just owned it with the performance of "Did It Again".

Video Snippet: Alicia Keys - Doesn't Mean Anything

It doesn't look bad but if she only stands there around it will be nothing but a snooze-fest, a good looking snooze-fest.

Download: EA Sports NBA LIVE 10 MIXTAPE

EA Sports NBA LIVE 10 MIXTAPE with DJ Mick Boogie
01. Mick Boogie "Intro"
02. Mick Boogie featuring Kidz In The Hall, Donnis & Daytona "Class Of Our Own"
03. 88 Keys featuring Colin Munroe "Wake Up Call"
04. Dead Prez "Still Bigga Than"
05. Afrika Bambaataa featuring Why G, Mickey Factz & The Fort Knox 5 "Zulu!"
06. Snoop Dogg "Lodi Dodi 2010"
07. Pete Rock "When I Need It"
08. Matt & Kim featuring De La Soul "Daylight"
09. De La Soul "La La La"
10. Mickey Factz & B.o.B. "Mind Got Blown"
11. B.o.B. "Champion"
12. Zion I "Go Hard"
13. Murs featuring Kurupt & Jay Rock "We Ballin'"
14. Laza "Crank It Up"
15. Grand Puba "Get It"
16. David Banner & GQ "S.P.I.T."
17. Xzibit featuring BJ The Chicago Kid & Poo Bear "Fanatic"


Oct 13, 2009

Beyoncé Featuring Lady GaGa???

That's what StuffFlyPeopleLike reports:

[Allegedly] Beyonce and Lady Gaga were spotted on the set of Bey’s Video shoot for Video Phone in Brooklyn Friday Night.

I can’t even keep count of how many singles Bey has dropped from I am… Sasha Fierce, But I applaud her.

Sources say Lady Gaga is included on the remix for Video Phone and makes an appearance in the video.

An unlikely couple, that makes perfect sense.

I must admit, I’m quite anxious to see the results.

What’s your verdict?

It would be somehow hot because both are the hottest female singers right now but I doubt this is true because frankly I can't see (or hear) their voices match. But they can prove me wrong if they like.

Do you believe it?

Beyoncé To Re-release "I Am...Sasha Fierce"

Yep, you heard that right. offers the "I Am...Sasha Fierce Deluxe Edition" which will be out November 10.

Track Listings

1. If I Were A Boy
2. Halo
3. Disappear
4. Broken-Hearted Girl
5. Ave Maria
6. Smash Into You
7. Satellites
8. That's Why You're Beautiful
9. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
10. Radio
11. Diva
12. Sweet Dreams
13. Video Phone
14. Hello
15. Ego
16. Scared Of Lonely
17. Poison

As much as I love Beyoncé this version doesn't make much sense. "Poison" is the only new song and it even leaked some time ago so that there are no surprises left.
Furthermore I'm of the opinion that the cover works much better in black and white.

Overall this is just a very underwhelming offer. I hope this is wrong and they will release something else.

Justin Timberlake on Jay Leno

I was somewhat bored watching this.

Mariah Carey AT&T Commercial plus Interview

Nice how Mariah used her 1990 look again.

Video: Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Half Way

Although I think it's great that they stick to the futuristic theme I feel like something's missing here. The song is still great though.

Oct 12, 2009

Alicia Keys Interview & Performance on Regis & Kelly

Alicia looked absolutely stunning. I thought the beginning was great but when the background vocals became more prominent it sounded weird.

Michael Jackson - This Is It

Sounds like a real Michael Jackson song. Great.

Watch: Mariah Carey Live In Las Vegas

Too bad she lipped "Angels Cry" but "Fly Like A Bird" was really great.

Oct 11, 2009

Mariah Carey Sings Happy Birthday To Nick Cannon

Too bad you don't really get to see her sing the song but they are cute.

Beyoncé Failed To Stop Lil Mama @ the VMAs

It's funny how Bee was somehow involved in both VMAs scandals.

Oct 10, 2009

Review: Shakira's New Album "She Wolf"

Shakira is back with her new album called “She Wolf” which is also her third English record. Her last album “Oral Fixation” was released in 2005. Obviously it was about time for her to release a new album.
So Shakira announced she would go for a more electronic/pop sound - and she didn’t lie.

She Wolf
The first single and the song that gave the album its title is just a catchy track where especially the violins are significant.

Did It Again
The first track produced by Pharrell and it’s hot. Again a violin sound with the great beat that goes hard. Additionally, Shakira’s “Oh’s” and “Eh’s” make it sexy.

Long Time
Again produced by Pharrell and he did an amazing job with the instrumental once again. However, the song is not a highlight.

Why Wait
One of my favorite songs off the album. Pharrell and Shakira were able to create a banging beat with oriental sounds. I love the combination, it’s just hot.

Good Stuff
The beginning is just amazing. The beat starts, stops then and Shakira moans while the beat pauses. The chorus is catchy [I’m not gonna miss out on the good stuff/The grass is much greener with us on it]. This track is also produced by The Neptunes.

Men In This Town
Shakira is basically looking for a guy in L.A. The song is great too. Especially the parts when she goes: I’m so fresh, I’m so fresh/Got the lips and got the skin/Got the skin, got the thing/I’m so fresh and I’m so…]

Yet another beautiful song. [Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly (…)Cause I’m gypsy are you coming with me?/I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me]. The song was written by Amanda Ghost.

It features Wyclef Jean and like “Hips Don’t Lie” the song is hot too. “The Columbian with a swagger” and Wyclef really have some kind of chemistry that works perfectly.

Mon Amour
I’m really not sure what to think about this song. It’s the only song that is heavily rock influenced. So I’m not quite sure if it makes much sense to put such a song on a pop album. Maybe she just wanted to please her fans who prefer her doing rock music. The song isn’t bad, I like the airport references but like I said it would have been better on Oral Fixation. To sum it up: It's my least favorite track.

Lo Hecho Está Hecho, Anos Luz & Loba
…are the Spanish versions of “Did It Again”, “Why Wait” and “She Wolf” so there is really no need to discuss them again. But as always, Shakira sounds a little more comfortable when singing in her mother tongue.

What can I say but fantastic album!? I fell in love with it with my very first listen. I still believe “Laundry Service” is slightly better but “She Wolf” comes very close.

When I heard about the collaboration between The Neptunes and Shakira I really couldn’t convincely say that this will work out well but thankfully now I can. You can tell Shakira is always involved in the whole production progress and that’s something I think is pretty important and makes the album to sound well. I also think there is no other artist who can combine so many different sounds so well. Props to her.

Concerning her vocals I guess it’s a love or hate thing. She definitely has a unique voice but I like her voice and to me she sounds fine as always.

The only real criticism I have is the length. An album with technically only 9 songs is not cool at all.

The album is already released or will be released next week in most countries. The USA will have to wait until Novemeber to get the chance buy it. I don't understand they want to achieve with this strategy but oh well.

Are you gonna buy it?

Miley Circus Raps About Having Deleted Her Twitter

WTF? She is such a joke and she is so making a fool of herself.

Oct 9, 2009

Soulja Boy Arrested in Georgia

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy has been arrested in Henry County following an incident at a video shoot.
The arrest happened on Wednesday (October 7) at 9PM, when officers responded to a call that there were upwards of 40 people mingling at an abandoned house in Stockbridge, GA.

“There were approximately 40 people gathered behind the dark house," Sergeant Rene Swanson detailed in her police report. "Half of the people fled the area as the arriving officer called for back-up.”

Soulja Boy (DeAndre Way) was one of the alleged individuals to flee the scene. In a search of the left behind vehicles, police found a 9MM handgun in the glove compartment of a white Lexus.

Although authorities have not given specifics, police stated the weapon was tied to Soulja Boy.

Upon his return, the rapper gave a statement explaining that his entourage was gathered at the home for a video shoot. Because of the gun, he was still arrested on obstruction charges.

“A white Land Rover at the scene was identified as belonging to Way, who had fled the scene," Swanson stated. "He returned a short time later, and [was] arrested for obstruction."

A second man, Latice Wayne Grier, was arrested on second degree forgery charges when a search of his Dodge Charger yielded eight counterfeit $100 bills.

Soulja Boy was released yesterday (October 8) on a $550 bond, and will answer his misdemeanor charge in State Court. Due to the more serious forgery charge, Grier posted a $10,050 bond and will respond to his case in Superior Court.

At press time, Soulja boy could not be reached for comment.

I know most of you are probably Soulja Boy HATERS, so you might enjoy this post! So have a read, but I LOL @ this I reckon Soulja Boy should have drove away in his car instead of just dashing for it.

Usher Vs Tameka: It's getting dirty

Article 1:
Law enforcement sources tell us when officers arrived at the scene, Tameka Raymond was nowhere to be found.

Police later interviewed both Tameka and Usher -- but determined there was no evidence or witnesses to substantiate Usher's claim.

But the drama didn't end there -- law enforcement sources tell us Usher called the cops on Tameka a second time several days later, complaining that Tameka again got onto his property and wouldn't leave. By the time cops arrived, Tameka had already split.

Usher filed for divorce back in June ... but it hasn't been finalized just yet.

UPDATE: TMZ just received the following statement from Tameka's rep:

"This is just another attempt to disparage Tameka. It's simply an angry ploy that has no merit.

Tameka's own truck was scratched but it's not clear how. The truck is registered in her name, it's not even Usher's car. Why would she vandalize her own vehicle?"

Article 2:
Usher told cops his soon-to-be ex wife Tameka Raymond vandalized his truck after a "custody dispute" they had the night before -- this according to the police reports obtained by TMZ.
According to the reports, Usher told the Johns Creek Police Department that on Sept. 10, he had a "verbal argument" with Tameka over the phone regarding weekend custody of their children.

Usher told cops that after the argument, he dropped his kids off at his mother's house -- but when he drove back to his home, Tameka showed up "demanding to take the kids." Usher claims Tameka eventually left and he drove back to his mother's house -- but when Usher got there, Tameka showed up and began "knocking on the door" and making several phone calls to the residence.

Usher claims he and his mom ignored Tameka -- and eventually called police. When cops arrived, Tameka was nowhere to be found.

The next day, Usher called police again after he noticed several scratches on his truck -- Usher told cops he believed Tameka vandalized the car in retaliation for their fight just hours before.

In the police report, the responding officers who checked out the scratched car claim they found no evidence to support Usher's accusation. The cops even reviewed the entrance log to Usher's private neighborhood ... but there was no record of Tameka ever getting into the area where the alleged crime would have taken place.

Source 1
Source 2

That's some weird shit. I'm at a point where I can see Usher using every chance to be in talks and making Tameka looking bad. He tries hard to not flop with his upcoming album which will be about his divorce.

I've never been a fan of Tameka but Usher gets more shady with every day.

Lady Gaga Re-release Her Album With 8 New Songs

Lady Gaga announced today that she will release The Fame Monster, a re-package of her 4 million-selling album The Fame.
The album will include the entire breakthrough album The Fame, along with eight entirely new songs. The Fame Monster (Streamline/KonLive/Cherrytree/Interscope Records), deals with the seamier side of fame, as experienced by Gaga over the course of her last history-making year. The new version will be released on November 24, 2009.

Says Lady Gaga, "On my re-release The Fame Monster, I wrote about everything I didn't write on The Fame. While traveling the world for two years, I've encountered several monsters, each represented by a different song on the new record: my 'Fear of Sex Monster,' my 'Fear of Alcohol Monster,' my 'Fear of Love Monster,' my 'Fear of Death Monster,' my 'Fear of Loneliness Monster,' etc."
"I spent a lot of nights in Eastern Europe, and this album is a pop experimentation with industrial/Goth beats, 90's dance melodies, an obsession with the lyrical genius of 80's melancholic pop, and the runway. I wrote while watching muted fashion shows and I am compelled to say my music was scored for them. I also composed a ballad for the album, 'Speechless,' a song for my father, and it's my favorite work of all. I wrote every piece on the road - no songs about money, no songs about fame. I wrote it for my fans, so I wrote everything in between."

The first club-banging single, the RedOne-produced "Bad Romance," will be released in early November. Other collaborators on the new tracks include Teddy Riley, Rodney Jerkins, Ron Fair and Fernando Garibay.

Lady Gaga is also in the process of planning her next tour after her co-headlining tour with Kanye West was canceled last week.

SOURCE Interscope Records

I might get it because 8 new songs plus the fantastic album sounds great.

Alicia Keys @ The Element of Freedom Photoshoot

Alicia looks stunning. Can't wait to see the cover.

Teaser: Mariah Carey "I Want To Know What Love Is" Live In Las Vegas

They heard what I said

Video: Sugababes 4.0 - About A Girl

I can only laugh about this.

Mariah Carey - H.A.T.E.U. Remix

I like the new recorded vocals but the rappers are so redundant.

Exclusive: Shakira - She Wolf Booklet Pics

Just got Shakira's new album "She Wolf" and I thought you might be interested in seeing her booklet which contains lyrics and pics.

Of course I will be writing a review too but first I gotta give it a few listens.

Oct 8, 2009

Beyonce Set To Kick Off World Cup 2010

Beyoncé Set to Kick Off World Cup

Beyoncé is set to perform during the World Cup 2010 at Orlando Stadium in Soweto. FIFA has called upon Live Earth creator, Kevin Wall, to produce the event who hopes that Beyoncé will bring a 'Live 8 concert feel' to the opening ceremonies.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa kicks off next summer. Congratulations Beyoncé!

Beyoncé is set to perform during the World Cup 2010 at Orlando Stadium in Soweto. FIFA has called upon Live Earth creator, Kevin Wall, to produce the event who hopes that Beyoncé will bring a 'Live 8 concert feel' to the opening ceremonies.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa kicks off next summer. Congratulations Beyoncé!


That's cool. I'm wondering what she is going to perform.

Oct 7, 2009

50 Cent's G-Unit Garage

Dunno if most of you peeps seen this yet, the g-unit garage this is probably old though cause you see buck and the game in it but yet I still find it crazy my mouth was gape open seeing all those hot cars.

Whitney Houston Performs "Million Dollar Bill" in France

That wasn't good at all.

"Memoirs" to debut on #3

Mariah Carey's new album sold 172k units and will hit the third spot on the album charts.

The group Paramore owned the battle selling 185k. The second place went to Barbara Streisand.

This is definitely a disappointment for Mariah. Especially since the album is great. You can only blame the lack of promotion.

Oct 6, 2009

Leona Lewis - Echo Tracklisting

1. Happy
2. I Got You
3. Can’t Breathe
4. Brave
5. Outta My Head
6. My Hands
7. Love Letter
8. Broken
9. Naked
10. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
11. Don’t Let Me Down
12. Alive
13. Lost Then Found (featuring One Republic)

Mariah Carey To Release a Remix Album, H.A.T.E.U. 2nd Single

Mariah Carey Enlists Trey Songz for Remix Album

Fans who picked up Mariah Carey’s latest Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel most likely noticed the absence of features, but the singer is about to make up for it. Tricky Stewart and Trey Songz spill details exclusively to on Carey’s top-secret remix album.

Details are slowly emerging about the project, which will include remixes to every song on Memoirs. “There’s gonna be remixes to everything,” says Tricky. “I’m actually doing some remixing myself currently ’cause some of these records were so much fun to make. It’s easy to go in and do a remix.”

The mega-producer already has something in mind for the diva’s Foreigner cover. “I’m gonna do a remix to ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ myself. I’mma raise the tempo up. I’mma try to make it into something else.”

He may even add a guest to it. “Once I get the beat and if it calls for the right person, I can get anybody on the phone I want to right now, so I will be using my Rolodex for that.”

One of the featured artists on the new project will be Trey Songz, who exclusively discloses to that he recorded a remix to one of Memoirs’ cuts last month. “Mariah Carey, I believe she’s doing a remix album and I’m on a record entitled ‘Inseparable,’” he shares.

Trey put everything aside once he got the call. “I actually only had a day to do it. I did it on my day off. [They were] very professional, very adamant on wanting to get it done. They made sure we had all we needed. I just went in and got it done.”


It better won't be some stupid remixes aka let a random rapper get his part or some club mix. If she re-records her vocals and make them sound different then it could be pretty hot.

Besides, Mariah's second single will be "H.A.T.E.U.". The choice is not surprising to me at all.

Beyoncé's DVD "I Am... Yours" To Be Released In November

According to & Beyoncé's highly anticipated live DVD from her shows in Las Vegas are going to be released in Japan on November 25.

I Am... Yours(As for now)』 Details・
Release Date: November 25
・Lyrics・Translations (No Liner Notes)
・Recording Details
CD:Hit songs up to recording limit
DVD:All (The content may change)

Let's hope that is the truth because I really need to see it.

Don't know what this one is though:

2 DVD Documentary!
In November... Another happy news for the fans! Music documentary DVD 『Beyond The Ballad』!

As a singer, and as an entertainer. No.1 female artist Beyoncé's stages, as a child, Destiny's Child, and the performance at the Inauguration of President Barack Obama in January for approximately 118 minutes.

『Beyond The Ballad』 Details・KIBF724 DVD 2 Discs
・Release Date: November 26
・Approx. 118 min
・Color (Partly monochrome)/ Dolby Digital Stereo /Language 1:English / Subtitle 1:Japanese
・Produced by Flamingo Features in association with Ironstar Entertainment (C)Ironstar Entertainment, Allrights reserved.

Track List (Some Tracks Duplicate)
01. One Night Only
02. Single Ladies
03. Diva
04. If I Were A Boy
05. No No No
06. Say My Name
07. Independent Woman P1
08. Bootylicious
09. The Last Great Seduction
10. Work It Out
11. Hey Goldmember
12. Crazy In Love
13. Upgrade You
14. Star Spangled Banner
15. American Prayer
16. Soldier
17. Emotions
18. The Way We Were
19. Check On It
20. Hard To Say Goodbye
21. One Night Only
22. Get Me Bodied
23. Deja Vu
24. Irreplacable (Spanish)
25. Beautiful Liar
26. At Last
27. I Am Sasha Fierce
28. If I Were A Boy
29. Diva
30. Single Ladies
31. Halo
32. Ave Maria
33. Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours
34. At Last
35. Single Ladies

Nelly Furtado Interview and Performance of "Mas"

Prince Harry: The Movie

Prince William may have been born for the throne, but his younger brother is bound for Hollywood. At least, his story is.
Prince Harry's fascinating life has attracted the interest of filmmaker Peter Kosminsky, who plans to make a film about the younger, wilder royal, called The Spare.
Kosminsky says he was drawn to the 25-year-old's story because he feels "a sense of compassion for the guy".

"His parents break up in the most spectacularly public way," says the director."His mother dies in the most tragic, and public way. He's a man born to no role, the heir and the spare.
"Then Harry joins the Army and for 77 days sees action in Afghanistan — and finds, possibly for the first and only time in his life, a role.
"Suddenly, he finds himself alongside ordinary guys. …For the first time in his life he doesn't feel like a spare part. But then that's snatched away and, fearing for his safety, the Army top brass send Harry home."

It's unknown who will be cast as the charismatic, ginger-haired prince, but Twilight star and teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson is said to be high on the list of potentials, as is Harry Potter star Rupert Grint.

When I first heard about this I was like HOLY F**K in a bad way, among this review I reckon it will be a crap movie and I know for sure I wont be watching this. Anyone know who will? But among the crap film list I will name this,Cedar Boys,Facebook Movie and Glee

Oct 5, 2009

Thisis50 Fest - Focus On Lloyd Banks

Even though this video is from Thisis50 I thought I might share this video around,But I would like to say big ups to my man Lloyd Banks havent seen him dropped a album for ages but his mixtapes are on FIRE!!!

Video: T.I. - Hell Of A Life

Although I am a T.I. lover I feel like the song is too similiar to his previous works.

Usher - Papers

Usher's long awaited first single for his upcoming album titled "Raymond VS Raymond" was just released.

Not feeling it. It's nothing to be excited about and it looks like his album is gonna be so full of his marriage mess.

Oct 4, 2009

Alicia Keys talks to Forbes about Keep a Child Alive.

T-Boz had a Brain Tumor for 3 Years and Survived

T-Boz says she battled her tumor secretly because she didn’t want any pity from people who could be helping or paying attention to other people with bigger issues. She even failed to talk about her brain tumor while participating on Celebrity Apprentice which we’re sure would have earned her major pity votes, but that’s besides the point.



Video: Whitney Houston Interview at Wetten Dass Live

Beyoncé Got Alexandra Burke A Record Deal In America

‘In America I’m signed to Epic Records. It’s a five-album deal [worth £3.5 million] and it happened straight after the show. It all happened because of Beyoncé. She rang up her people – her A&Rs who are now my A&Rs – and she was like, “You need to watch this girl.” They then watched the show, flew over to see me on the last date of The X Factor tour at Wembley, and that was it.They signed me and I was in complete and utter shock.’
That was in March, barely three months after she was facing off against boy band
JLS in the TV final.
‘Every time I see Beyoncé I say thank you for changing my life completely. She kept in touch, she came to see me in New York, she invited me to her show when she was here. She’s just a real sweetheart.’


That's really nice, although I'm not totally convinced about Alexandra.

Lady Gaga Performs On SNL

I liked her performance. The circle thing was certainly odd though.

Oct 3, 2009

Whitney Houston Performs "I Look To You" On Wetten Dass

Her performances are somehow odd. She can hold those notes but sometimes it just sounds out of place.

Beyoncé @ F1 Rocks

I really enjoyed the "Naughty Girl" performance.

PS22 Chorus sing "Halo" & "Single Ladies" for Beyonce & Lady Gaga

That was cute.

Beyoncé: I'd like to do a film loosely based on my father's childhood

What do you do to maintain your tour stamina? I heard a rumor that you run on a treadmill in heels and sing.

[Laughs heartily] No, I don't run on a treadmill in heels. That's a bit extreme. But I do practice my choreography in heels. And I have a rule that when I have my heels on, everyone has to have their heels on too. Sometimes the dancers are like, "Oh, God, we hope Beyoncé comes in late," because I'll go all day. And in the end, I'll have blisters and my toes will have bruises. It's really hard sometimes. I still do all the boring things that everyone else does in regular workouts like squats and the treadmill. But I mainly get in shape from doing the choreography during those long 12-hour rehearsals for two months before a tour.
What else is on your to-do list?

I'm interested in a lot of different things. I'd like to get involved in videogames since I really love Wii Fit. I think it would be a great idea to incorporate choreography because for me my workout is way more fun when it involves dancing as opposed to running on a boring treadmill. So I would love to do some kind of fitness game but incorporate dance and performance into it. I think a lot of women would enjoy that.

I also want to continue to produce films -- even if I'm not in them -- as well as a documentary on my life. Actually, I'd like to do a film loosely based on my father's [Mathew Knowles] childhoodand school years. He's had an interesting life. But that will probably be in a couple of years.

Is there a chance you'll start your own label?

Yes, eventually, when I have time. I'm doing so many things, I have to slow down a bit so I can focus. [laughs]

Have you thought about taking a longer break after this tour?

I think after maybe a month or two months, I'd be really bored. But I don't see myself working this hard for the rest of my life. It's just too much to do forever. I thank God I started touring and building a fan base when I was really young. So now if I took off a couple of years, I think I'd still be able to come back, go on tour and do records. I'm still a young woman.

Read full interview

Ehh. If she ever does that Mathew movie I'll go on strike.

Mariah: Nick is going to slap him if he ever sees him.

The British Guardian interviewed Mariah Carey. Pretty interesting interview.

Carey seems genuinely irritated. "He wrote a song about me and my husband, and in a really derogatory and juvenile way. And it's not up to par with his other songs." Carey's single, Obsessed, the first release from the new album, is about a sad little man who throws hip-hop shapes in his bedroom and follows her around, peering out from beneath his hoodie. "I never said it was about him. If he sees himself in that song…" But in any case, she says, "I'm not a fan. There's no connection there. I knew him, kind of vaguely, eight years ago, on a purely platonic level, and then he wasn't my friend any more and I was like, OK, whatever. And this was eight years ago and he's just writing this song. For no reason. No reason."

She says her husband is still saying "he is going to slap him if he ever sees him. He boxes." She laughs. "See, the difference is, my song is on the radio and his, you have to search for it." Ouch.


"I try not to be a jerk. I really do. I try to be nice and cordial. I've seen the real extreme diva behaviour and I don't think that's who I am. I think I have mannerisms and that whole thing, and I'm running around in these shoes. But even before I had any type of fame, I was like this." She laughs. "Seriously."

And so finally, then, to the question of dressing rooms and rumours that have been around for ever. Has she ever asked for kittens or puppies as accessories backstage? "No. In a video maybe." Bowls of blue M&Ms? "I don't even eat them." And the carpet thing? "Yeah. They said I wouldn't come into a hotel unless there were petals on the floor. I'm like, do you really think at 3am I give a shit what I'm walking on?"

So LMFAO @ "He boxes".
But by here last statement she somewhat compares Em's diss track to Obsessed.

Read the full interview