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Nov 20, 2009

Review: Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster (+ Booklet Pictures)


The Fame Monster
Initially meant to be a re-release “The Fame Monster” is now also being released as an entire album after Lady GaGa herself fought for it as she wouldn't her fans to buy "The Fame" twice.

When Lady GaGa came out back in April 2008 I fell in love with her unique style and her danceable pop songs. I couldn’t wait for “The Fame” to be released which happened a few months later. It was a great album especially for debut album. So the question was is she able to produce hot new tracks without being too repetitive? Oh, yeah she was.

Bad Romance
The first single is just as hot as its video. I love it (‘cause I’m a free bitch baby).
In this song GaGa tells her Latin lovers to not call her name. The song is as catchy as every GaGa song and her wanna-be Latin accent in the beginning is cute.
Another sick song (“He ate my heart, he a-a-ate my heart”). Especially the male computer voice in the background adds the little something to the song (Wanna talk to her, she’s hot as hell).
The only slow song on the album but also great. It shows that Lady GaGa (“I’ll never talk again, oh boy you left me speechless”) is versatile and a good vocalists. Some may think that because of all her extravagant outfits that it is more show than talent. I hope though that GaGa isn’t serious with saying “I’ll never write a song again” because that would be a lost. ;)
Dance In The Dark
Another track you want to dance to. It’s a great song but not really one of my faves.
Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)
After Lady GaGa joined Beyoncé on her “Video Phone Remix”, Beyoncé returned the favor and added a fierce verse to the already sick song “Telephone”. When I heard it for the first time I literally dance on my chair. This is supposed to be the second single off “The Fame Monster”. Good decision.
So Happy I Could Die
GaGa is known for being very sexual girl and this song is just about “touching myself all through the night”. Hot song.

This song is bananas. I didn’t expect much from reading the title only but this song goes easily in the top three of this album. HOTNESS!

What do we learn from this album?
1. Lady GaGa is justifiably the it girl right now.
2. Red One and GaGa is an amazing team.
3. If “Telephone” won’t go #1 on Billboard somebody’s sabotaging.

The album is also versatile, offering different sounds which is really great. Everybody will find his favorite track without saying that there is a “weak” song which also means that they all could be single contenders. My votes would go to "Monster" or "Teeth" though.

The album is released in a few European countries today whereas the US will be able to buy it November 23.

Here are few pics taken from the booklet. One half is the "The Fame Monster" Booklet of which you will see pictures and the other half is "The Fame" which I left out.

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