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Dec 18, 2009

Tina Knowles Files For Divorce From Mathew Knowles

Gossip blog TheYBF released a document that claims that Tina Knowles files for to divorce from Mathew Knowles.

Tina, who’s government name is Celestine Knowles, filed in Harris County, Houston, Texas last month. No appeals have happened. It’s well known amongst the gossip folks that Tina and Mathew “Papa was a rolling stone” Knowles have been secretly separated for years….and just put up that marital front for the sake of their kids’ image. And thanks to a tip, we’ve learned the divorce is popping off right about…now.

Well to hell with that because Tina is throwing deuces. Why now after all these years? I’m sure Mat’s jump-off turned secret baby mama situation with Alexsandra Wright that went public had something to do with it.

Well, I'm not a fan of Mama and Papa Knowles at all. She's designing ugly dresses and he's one shady guy. However, I will thank them for having made Beyoncé.

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