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Jul 28, 2009

Mariah Carey Twitter Updates

So Up listening to HATEU w/R.. Nick's sleepTing. Love Dreams demo but the real version is a smashhhh: ) & remix is a suprise classi about 1 hour ago from TwitterBerry

# ..So I told him "One of my lambs said hello"just trying to make a fellow tweeter happy!xoxo about 6 hours ago

# So, I'm on the plane ready for a nice vacation in celebration of the album being almost ready!TY 2 my"lambs" i appreciate ya always!
Mwah:) about 15 hours ago

# About to get some sleep but b4 that a' ntt for the nostalgia' "flickering like a candle doing my best to handle..." Can u finish that 4 me? 11:00 AM Jul 26th

# be able to share as many as possible w/everyone who has supported me and honestly shown me so much happieness since 1901 haaaa: )
Kisses! 10:32 AM Jul 26th

# Sorry! Duhhh!: )
Seriously, I'm really happy to be able to release this album properly cos I, yet again have too many songs and I wanna.. 10:19 AM Jul 26th

# Absolutely the best for the good of this album so things can be up to par (in terms of promo etc..)And now I feel like I can have my bes 10:12 AM Jul 26th

# Anyways I am happy 2 have some more time-although I really want my fans to have this album right away the desision was.. 10:04 AM Jul 26th

# After some people got a lil dramatic'lil dramatic: ) about the album date moving a few weeks later I had to tweet&"say sumthin good to u" .. 9:37 AM Jul 26th

# So I'm up sequencing the album! (Actually,I should say I'm up listening to the sequence I made a few nights ago as a tesT)...(cont) 9:29 AM Jul 26th

It's great to hear she has many songs recorded. Let's just hope she picked the right ones for the album. Moreover, since she's going on a vacation we know that her part is done. It's now all about the mixing and getting the package together.
I wonder who's going to be on the H.A.T.E. U Remix.


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