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Aug 16, 2009

Bored? Watch Kelly Rowland Perform!

Have you recently watched a Kelly Rowland performance? Probably yes, since she's like performing everywhere just because of "When Love Takes Over".

Anyways, you probably learned that I am not a fan of non-singers. Kelly Rowland used to be a part of Destiny's Child and consequently you should expect her to be able to sing AND move a little on the stage without losing breath (I'm not even talking about dancing...). Well, it is not the case. She just needs to turn around and loses it...

Some may love the "interaction with the crowd" but she let's them sing like the whole song...but watch below.

She makes me always rolling on the floor. "Sing it loud and clear!", "Pump yo fist!" aaaand my very favorite: "I'd like to make sure I sound fantastic for you guys!"


Now you think I'm a Kelly hater. I'm really not. She's a cute girl and always nice in interviews. She just sucks on stage. I know Beyoncé sits in front of her MacBook giggling. Kelly learned nothing from her. She calls herself a singer but barely sings?! She needs some vocal practising because her tone is actually beautiful. But apparently she doesn't care.

And that is what makes me mad at her. She has potential but she doesn't use it at all. Heck, even LeToya sounds better than her now. Actually LeToya sounds effin amazing lately. You can tell she worked on her vocals but Kelly...hmm...


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