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Aug 19, 2009

Lady GaGa: I was bullied at school

Lady GaGa has revealed that she was bullied during her school days in a top New York private school.

The 'Poker Face' singer, who attended the same educational institution as Paris Hilton in the Upper East Side, admitted that she was the subject of taunts because of her individual style.

"I always gravitated to different things, I was eccentric. I went to a school full of spoilt kids," she told Virgin Media.

"[They made fun of] the way I dressed and talked. Even when I went to art school I was a bit of a sore thumb, but that's because I wasn't interested in being put through the sausage machine."

She added: "I could be insecure - all that 'who's saying what behind your back' stuff, but I hid in my work."

The 23-year-old previously claimed that she feels like an "outsider" in the world of showbiz.



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