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Aug 21, 2009

Review on Colbie Caillat's Album "Breakthrough"

Colbie Caillat is back with her sophomore album "Breakthrough" including her first single "Fallin' For You".

The album starts with a song called "I Won't" in which she basically tells that she won't do certain things he wants her to do. The song is not outstanding though.

The second song named "Begin Again" has a chorus that simply rocks (not really rocks because it's not the type of music but you know what I mean lol) and this is what the track makes special.

"You Got Me" follows up. It's a very cute song.

At spot #4 you'll find "Fallin' For You". I absolutely love this song and I love singing along.

"Rainbow" is an okay song. Nothing special.

"Droplets" features Jason Reeves and I think their voices match great. Nice collabo.

The next song, "I Never Told You", is not very special, so it's an ok song.

Now when "Fearless" began I thought of "I Look To You" by Whitney Houston, yeah kinda weird lol. I like the instrumental of it and her vocals are nice too.

"Running To You" is aight. Nothing more.

Like the album title the folowing song is called "Breakthrough". It's definitely one of the best songs off the album and I can see it being a single.

"It Stops Today" is another highlight of the album. Love the chorus.

"Breakin' At The Cracks" is one of the really slow songs on the album. It's nice but reminds me.

If you liked "Coco" you probably will enjoy this album too. Unfortunately I haven't heard the tracks off the Deluxe Edt. yet.
The album is typically Colbie. From the first listen all songs sound the same but the more you listen to it the more you get to know what's special about them. I might add that sometimes you get the feeling like you heard some notes already on her previous album. Anyways, I will keep on listening to the album as I know some songs are growers. And you should do the same.


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