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Aug 13, 2009

Why Music Labels Suck.

I've been talking to several people in the past two days and they agreed with me on this:

Music labels suck.

I know you're like: Why you say this? Well, I will tell you.

First of all, please check how many GOOD songs leaked the past weeks. Right, you can count them on one hand.

Secondly, most albums get pushed back. It's like a haunt is on them. When an artist says he's gonna release at that certain date you can already do the math and add a few more weeks or months until you really are able to buy the album. It's not like they make me more hyped to get the damn album. No. They make me mad. They make me think: Soooo, you have been in the fucking industry for about 20 years and you still don't know how long it will actually take you and the rest of your team to set everything up? Seriously? Are you kidding me?
In school you already get taught that there's a deadline for giving the teachers some papers. Haven't you learnt anything? Oh wait, you didn't go to school? I'm sorry.

That's so not professional it's not even funny. But it seems like this behavior has gotten into habit.

Furthermore, music labels do not seem to understand what the fans, the actual purchasers, want. They are all about making money and forget the essence and wonder why sales keep decreasing. Idiots.

It's so easy for them. Really. You just go to a few internet message boards and read what people got so say. It's shocking how honest people are on the net. Well, they are fake too but you should be able to seperate between the haters and the real fans who reveal their wishes. Companies spend thousands of money to do researches on their customers and the music labels get that shit for free.

My third concern is: When will they understand that YouTube is a marketing tool?
Here's the deal: I had uploaded a SNIPPET of a song. YouTube deleted it after a certain lable complained about it.
I'm asking you: Why would you delete a video that features a clip of a song and which got over 20k views within a few days? Don't you understand that I promoted the artists? You don't, do you?
It'd be a different case if it was a full song but a snippet? Hello? The response to the song was generally very positive so why acting like a fool?
Well, you're the one to blame. Whatever.

I know some music labels are checking my site: Hello Universal! Hello Warner!
That's why I won't tell you how I would handle unreleased songs. And the way I'd treat them would be great for the artist's image.
If you wanna know, hire me. :coffee:

Thanks to those who inspired me to write this essay. You know who you are.


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