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Oct 9, 2009

Usher Vs Tameka: It's getting dirty

Article 1:
Law enforcement sources tell us when officers arrived at the scene, Tameka Raymond was nowhere to be found.

Police later interviewed both Tameka and Usher -- but determined there was no evidence or witnesses to substantiate Usher's claim.

But the drama didn't end there -- law enforcement sources tell us Usher called the cops on Tameka a second time several days later, complaining that Tameka again got onto his property and wouldn't leave. By the time cops arrived, Tameka had already split.

Usher filed for divorce back in June ... but it hasn't been finalized just yet.

UPDATE: TMZ just received the following statement from Tameka's rep:

"This is just another attempt to disparage Tameka. It's simply an angry ploy that has no merit.

Tameka's own truck was scratched but it's not clear how. The truck is registered in her name, it's not even Usher's car. Why would she vandalize her own vehicle?"

Article 2:
Usher told cops his soon-to-be ex wife Tameka Raymond vandalized his truck after a "custody dispute" they had the night before -- this according to the police reports obtained by TMZ.
According to the reports, Usher told the Johns Creek Police Department that on Sept. 10, he had a "verbal argument" with Tameka over the phone regarding weekend custody of their children.

Usher told cops that after the argument, he dropped his kids off at his mother's house -- but when he drove back to his home, Tameka showed up "demanding to take the kids." Usher claims Tameka eventually left and he drove back to his mother's house -- but when Usher got there, Tameka showed up and began "knocking on the door" and making several phone calls to the residence.

Usher claims he and his mom ignored Tameka -- and eventually called police. When cops arrived, Tameka was nowhere to be found.

The next day, Usher called police again after he noticed several scratches on his truck -- Usher told cops he believed Tameka vandalized the car in retaliation for their fight just hours before.

In the police report, the responding officers who checked out the scratched car claim they found no evidence to support Usher's accusation. The cops even reviewed the entrance log to Usher's private neighborhood ... but there was no record of Tameka ever getting into the area where the alleged crime would have taken place.

Source 1
Source 2

That's some weird shit. I'm at a point where I can see Usher using every chance to be in talks and making Tameka looking bad. He tries hard to not flop with his upcoming album which will be about his divorce.

I've never been a fan of Tameka but Usher gets more shady with every day.


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