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Oct 10, 2009

Review: Shakira's New Album "She Wolf"

Shakira is back with her new album called “She Wolf” which is also her third English record. Her last album “Oral Fixation” was released in 2005. Obviously it was about time for her to release a new album.
So Shakira announced she would go for a more electronic/pop sound - and she didn’t lie.

She Wolf
The first single and the song that gave the album its title is just a catchy track where especially the violins are significant.

Did It Again
The first track produced by Pharrell and it’s hot. Again a violin sound with the great beat that goes hard. Additionally, Shakira’s “Oh’s” and “Eh’s” make it sexy.

Long Time
Again produced by Pharrell and he did an amazing job with the instrumental once again. However, the song is not a highlight.

Why Wait
One of my favorite songs off the album. Pharrell and Shakira were able to create a banging beat with oriental sounds. I love the combination, it’s just hot.

Good Stuff
The beginning is just amazing. The beat starts, stops then and Shakira moans while the beat pauses. The chorus is catchy [I’m not gonna miss out on the good stuff/The grass is much greener with us on it]. This track is also produced by The Neptunes.

Men In This Town
Shakira is basically looking for a guy in L.A. The song is great too. Especially the parts when she goes: I’m so fresh, I’m so fresh/Got the lips and got the skin/Got the skin, got the thing/I’m so fresh and I’m so…]

Yet another beautiful song. [Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly (…)Cause I’m gypsy are you coming with me?/I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me]. The song was written by Amanda Ghost.

It features Wyclef Jean and like “Hips Don’t Lie” the song is hot too. “The Columbian with a swagger” and Wyclef really have some kind of chemistry that works perfectly.

Mon Amour
I’m really not sure what to think about this song. It’s the only song that is heavily rock influenced. So I’m not quite sure if it makes much sense to put such a song on a pop album. Maybe she just wanted to please her fans who prefer her doing rock music. The song isn’t bad, I like the airport references but like I said it would have been better on Oral Fixation. To sum it up: It's my least favorite track.

Lo Hecho Está Hecho, Anos Luz & Loba
…are the Spanish versions of “Did It Again”, “Why Wait” and “She Wolf” so there is really no need to discuss them again. But as always, Shakira sounds a little more comfortable when singing in her mother tongue.

What can I say but fantastic album!? I fell in love with it with my very first listen. I still believe “Laundry Service” is slightly better but “She Wolf” comes very close.

When I heard about the collaboration between The Neptunes and Shakira I really couldn’t convincely say that this will work out well but thankfully now I can. You can tell Shakira is always involved in the whole production progress and that’s something I think is pretty important and makes the album to sound well. I also think there is no other artist who can combine so many different sounds so well. Props to her.

Concerning her vocals I guess it’s a love or hate thing. She definitely has a unique voice but I like her voice and to me she sounds fine as always.

The only real criticism I have is the length. An album with technically only 9 songs is not cool at all.

The album is already released or will be released next week in most countries. The USA will have to wait until Novemeber to get the chance buy it. I don't understand they want to achieve with this strategy but oh well.

Are you gonna buy it?


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