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Aug 2, 2009

Review on "The Proposal"

I'm not really into going to the movies but when I heard Sandra Bullock has a new movie out I had to check the trailer and immediately I knew I had to see that one.

Since "Miss Congeniality" I love Sandra Bullock and if you liked her playing a Miss America contestant you most likely will love this movie too.

The jokes are on point and it never gets boring. But also for those who want romantic scenes get them and you'll be sitting there like "awwww".

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock did a great job but it's worth mentioning Betty White who delivers a fantastic performance.

Although you can see some similiarities between "The Proposal" and Bullock's previous works this one is a must see. I swear I never laughed so much and so hard in the theater.

If you haven't seen it yet take the chance and do so, if you've already seen it don't hesitate to tell me what you think about this movia via the comment option.

I'm so buying the DVD when it comes out.


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