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Sep 14, 2009

The Kanye/Taylor Swift/Beyoncé Drama

I guess yall have heard of what happened last night in New York. Here' the video of Kanye being disrespectful to the young girl Taylor Swift.

Later when receiving an award Beyoncé shows what humble and genuine person she is.

Bee really saved the night with this action.

After the show Taylor Swift said:
"Well, I was standing on stage because I was really excited because I had just won the award. And then I was really excited because Kanye West was on stage. And then I wasn't so excited anymore after that. [...] They told me to stand by the side of the stage, and I didn't really know what was going to go down but I thought it was so wonderful and gracious of her to do what she's always done. She's always been a great person before anything else. Before the talented artist, the superstar, she's always been a great person and I just, I thought I couldn't love Beyonce more tonight, than tonight."

Thanks to the medium called twitter many many celebs had to let out what they felt about that.

Kelly Rowland: Can someone tell me what the F just happen??????
I LOVE Kanye and I LOVE TAYLOR, and OF COARSE I LOVE B!! But NO ONE should have a moment taken away from them....
NO ONE!!! It's room for everyone........KANYE...WHY BOO???
And I know B is SO gracious, she was TRULY happy for Taylor!!!! Taylor that was your moment, don't let ANYONE, I don't give a F who they are
Don't let them take that away from you!

Michelle Williams: OMG Kanyeeeeeeeeeee! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Oh Jesus Take The Hennesey Bottle AND The WHEEL!!!
Goodnite folks! Beyoncé was absolutely gracious for what she did! That's the God in her! Goodnight!

Pink: "Beyoncé is a classy lady.I feel for her, too.Its not her fault at all, and her and taylor did their thing. And douche bag got kicked out. HA"

Pink: "Kanye west is the biggest piece of s**t on earth. Quote me."

Kelly Clarkson:
Dear Kanye,

What happened to you as a child?? Did you not get hugged enough?? Something must have happened to make you this way and I think we’re all just curious as to what would make a grown man go on national television and make a talented artist, let alone teenager, feel like shit. I mean, I’ve seen you do some pretty shitty things, but you just keep amazing me with your tactless, asshole ways. It’s absolutely fascinating how much I don’t like you. I like everyone. I even like my asshole ex that cheated on me over you…which is pretty odd since I don’t even personally know you. The best part of this evening is that you weren’t even up for THIS award and yet you still have a problem with the outcome. Is winning a moon man that much of a life goal?? You can have mine if it will shut you up. Is it that important, really??

I was actually nominated in the same category that Taylor won and I was excited for her…so why can’t you be?? I’m not even mad at you for being an asshole…I just pity you because you’re a sad human being.

On a side note, Beyoncé has always been a class act and proved again tonight that she still is. Go TEXAS!!

Taylor Swift, you outsell him ….that’s why he’s bitter. You know I love your work! Keep it up girl!

KC Smile

Kelly Clarkson wasn't classy either with her childhood comment. So not needed.

Concerning me I clearly agree that Kanye was an idiot for this but let's be honest: Award shows live from things like this. Without them it'd be boring and we had nothing to blog/talk about.

Anyway: Congrats to all the winnners.


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