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Oct 1, 2009

Kelly Rowland's Messed Up Performance @ MOBO Awards

So Kelly and David stopped by to perform their song "When Love Takes Over". Everything seemed ok until Kelly made this priceless face. It turns out that something went wrong with the sound, ok I heard it wasn't as loud as it should be but I believe there has to be another problem too because that wouldn't be a reason to stop singing. It was her chance to say "Somebody Getting Fired"...but I disgress...

Anyways, the whole situation gets more funny by Kelly's following tweets after the show:

"OK. So, I'm at the MoBo's and getting ready to have a GREAT show with David and the MoBo's F'd my sound up!!!!! PISSED!!!!! HONESTLY, that just makes me work harder! But, what I will say is the MoBo's owe me an apology!!!! I was LIVID after the show! I wanted you guys to be the 1st to hear it from me! rehearsals. were fine. soundcheck. was fine. performance, wad a struggle at 1st. But, I got through it!!!!!!!! So-----It happens! The next show will be Better!--------TRUST!!!!!!!!!"

I admit it is pretty bad that they fucked up her sound but she sounded a mess as well. That's nothing new but I still don't know what she is thinking. She is now just blaming them but it was her chance to really shut it down and make that previous moment forgotten but nope.


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