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Sep 12, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Rising Star + Bonus Download!

iWontSTFU is proud to present its first interview!

And for the debut we didn't interview not just anybody but Trazz. The ambitious Buffalo-born already worked with some famous artists! So definitely check out the interesting things Trazz got to say. And at the end we even have a little something for you!

You’re from Buffalo. How was growing up there like and how has it influenced you?

Buffalo, isn't a city that has birthed many stars so there is that crabs in a bucket mentality sometimes. The combination of violence and bad weather can make an entire city depressed. I love my city though and it's exciting to see people in the street now appreciate me shouting my town out on every chance I get. Just keeping my head engulfed with hiphop listening to artists like Jay-Z, Big L, and Rakim helped influence me and keep me focused on the dream.

Your parents ran/run their own business. Was it hard to say “Sorry, mum and dad, but my future is the entertainment industry” or have they always supported your decision?

I was blessed to have parents with the entreprenuerial spirit but even more blessed to have a supportive family. My family are my biggest fans and supporters.

When I went on your myspace page I was impressed by the amount of hits your song got. Did you expect that?

Honestly, I hope for much more hits in the future. I have fans all over the world right now, but no where close to what I dream of having. I just want to be heard.

Talking of the Internet – do you think it brings more advantages like marketing with social networks or more disadvantages because of people downloading illegally?

I think its a give and take. Yes, the downloading and pirating of music hurts the artist in the sales aspect, but we live in the age of technology. As long as technology advances music will be more convienient and easier for people to obtain. All the social networks such as myspace, Twitter and facebook are free promotion to all artists. I encourage every artist to take advantage of them.

Your first single “She’s On Fire” featured Colby O’Donis and the remix for it even Pitbull. Did you met them in the studio or has everybody record his part alone? And who set up the contact?

My management plays a big part in my success. Fix your face music group has ties to a lot of industry artists. I'm fortunate that these artist recognize my grind, and are willing to work with me. In today's technology era, you don't have to be in the same place to record hit records. We sent Colby and Pit the song, they blessed it, and sent it back.

How was working with Akon for your song “By My Side” (available on iTunes)?

Akon is amazing. My manager, DJ Noodles is an Official Konvict DJ so making that happen was incredible.

DJ Noodles (produced “She’s On Fire”) is a good friend of yours. How did you both meet and how would you describe your (musical) relationship?

Dj Noodles and I are really close friends. Like Brothers. He and I grew up together since the age of 15. No other producer knows me better. He knows my sound. He can almost anticipate what I will do to record before I do it. He's one of the godfathers of my son. One of my best friends.

Are you planning to record a video for your current single “All They Wanna Talk About”?

Definitely. The song has taken off beyond expectation. The people have spoken that they love it, so it's only right to combine the visual aspect.

When you compare yourself to other current rap artists what would you say makes you special?

My versatility. Not many artists can rock a variety of records like I can. You may hear me over a Jeezy Instrumental, then flip back over an alternative/pop record. I can appeal to every crowd.

Will you collabo with other known musicians for your album or who would you like to collaborate with?

Theres so many artists that I have worked with so far but even more I would love to work with in the future. Bobby V, Lloyd, Ne-yo, Drake, Flo-rida, the list can go on for days.

Who does influence your work?

So many artists influence me. I would have to say just "Real Music" influences me. Real music isn't defined as underground, or backpackmusic. Real music is what moves people. Weather it be a song about thugs on the street or people partying the club.

Many people say “Hip Hop is dead”. Would you agree?

Naw. It definitley has evolved from its origination, but it's far from dead. The hip hop industry is a multi-billion dollar market. There are artist that are able to provide for the next few generations in their family off of this industry. It's impossible to call hip hop dead when it's bigger industry than it's ever been.

When I get my hands on your iPod, whose music would I find on it?

A range of everything. I'm into Drake right now. Jay-Z's album just dropped, so that's in heavy rotation. I even dig some of the southern music. Shout to Gucci Mane..He's killin it right now.

Now that we have been talking about music a lot I have to mention that Trazz isn’t only a talented musician but also a model and actor. Who have your modeled for and where can we see your acting skills?

Modeling is something I did in my younger days. Unless your Tyson Beckford it's not much money in it. As far as acting, I'm a graduate of NY film academy. I do tons of theater so right now you can see me on stage at the Kavinoky Theater in Buffalo, NY. staring in the classic stage play/movie "A Few Good Men". Also my latest film just dropped on DVD called "The Cuckold". You can buy through amazon on this site:

Which one is the most fun for you?

I have a genuine love for acting and music. I started doing music first, so it will always be my 1st love.

We will now play a little game. I will say a few singers and rappers and you have to say a lil something about them without too much thinking.


The King



Kanye West



Damnnnnnnn.....Too Beautiful



Keri Hilson

fine as hell!


He got next

Whitney Houston

Respect...but I hope she kicked the crack

Kid Cudi



The future Legend

Thank you for this great interview, Trazz. wishes you the best for your career and personal life and hopes to talk to you again in future.

So if you are in Buffalo make sure to see Trazz' play and cop his album next year!

Thanks to Trazz and his management iWontSTFU is allowed to give its readers two songs for free download!
I highly recommend you to download the songs because they are REALLY hot. And I'm not saying this because I'm posting about Trazz.

I tell you the beat of "All They Wanna Talk About" is fiyah and "She's On Fire"...well look who's featured. 'Nuff said.

All They Wanna Talk About

She's On Fire (Remix) feat. Colby O'Donis & Pitbull


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