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Sep 6, 2009

OMFG Britney Sang "You Oughta Know" Allegedly Live

People who go to Youtube, message boards or any other blogs have notice that Britney performed Alanis Morisetts "You Oughta Know" on her tour stop in Greensboro.

So once Britney concert goers uploaded their video on Youtube everything got crazy.
You know why, right?

For those who don't know: There's another female singer who sings this exact song on every concert of her current world tour. Coinicidence? Not really. It's not they don't know about each other.

How do you feel about that knowing this stuff? Is Britney a jacking bitch now? Is it fine because she can cover whatever song she likes?

Now let me get this straight: Britney Spears sang a song Beyoncé sings on her I Am...Tour on regular basis.

So what did happen if Beyoncé was the one "stealing" the song. Yep, people would call her a thief.

Is that fair? No. Definitely not.

But those silly ridiculous things aside the funniest thing about it is that people , e.g. Britney lovers, praise her because they THINK (there's no proof since the quality is crappy) she sang it live. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Singing live is something you should always do. I can be okay if you dance like crazy so it would be too hard to catch breath but come on it's no secret Britney doesn't sing live.

So now people make a big deal out of something which goes without saying.


Vocally and performing wise she looses it against Beyoncé anyway.

Here's one of the uploaded videos:


* Meet n' Greet with Britney’s Tour Dancers, Acrobats, Aerialists, & Band (subject to performer availability)
Note: Britney will NOT be participating in the Meet and Greet


If you're interested here's Beyoncé rocking "You Oughta Know"


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Beyonce >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all the other females.

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